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Website Issues-anyone having the same problem?

edited October 2014 in - Website Problems
I've entered 5 competitions now but when I sign into my account only 2 out of the 5 documents are there. I've clicked on my competitions then view but it just says no records available for three of them. I rang and checked about the most recent one and was told it had been sent to the judges for consideration but I can't see how that can be if there's no record of the document??

Is this normal?


  • They've been doing some work to the writers online bit the last couple of weekends, so that may have had an effect.

    I'll flag your post for Webbo or Tam to get it sorted out... :)
  • Thanks Carol.
  • Hi Karen, just to address your last question first, what displays on the site here isn't the "true" database of entries, so it not listing here doesn't mean we have no record of it on our main system.
    One thing that used to cause a problem was the difference between paid and subscriber only comps - the site would only display the purchases, i.e. the paid ones, but I thought we'd got that sorted. Of your five, were they all paid or were some the free subscriber only ones?
    I'll look into it here and see what we come up with.
  • Hello Webbo.

    Thanks for confirming my entries aren't affected. It seems to be a mix of both paid for and subscriber entries.

    I'll leave you to wave your magic wand.

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