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Hello! I am very new to the writing game and have only been writing for four years since my hubby passed away. It is something I do every day and it gives me great pleasure. I have written a little poem wondering just what it is like being on a forum like this. It seems fun and so full of interesting people.
Well! Here it is:

A Fresh Bottle of Ink

Hello one and all!
I hope you hear my call?
I am new to this game of writing
But my imagination seems to be fighting
I would so like to chat and talk
To folks whose pens on pages walk
If you would have me
It would thrill gladly
Please say I can join your Forum
Because that would be so awesome!

I hope someone would like to chat to me soon.


  • Hello, Niblet, and welcome! You've come to the right place where there's an abundance of advice, talent and cake!
  • Welcome! Cake? Please.

  • Free cake? You'll never get rid of me now! lol :)
  • Virtually Free. Not quite as it sounds.

    Welcome Niblet, I don't think anyone has introduced themselves in verse before.
  • Don't mind virtual cake. Not fattening. Lol! Didn't realize I was the first to do that. This site so interesting. I have written a book. And a short sci fi story. Some essays and have a blog of poetry. Write in my journal every day. Seems I have the lettering itch! Lol.

    Would gladly subscribe to this site. No problem. Haven't checked out everything yet as was so interested in talking to other writers. I have had one poem published on Poetry 24. And have submitted a short story to Mslexia hopefully to be published in the next issue of their magazine.

    I haven't had any lessons in writing or belong to a group. My son did a comprehensive course at college and he advises me.

    I read.

    My blog :

    Just simple poetry about life.

    I would so love chatting all about the subject. My favorite writers are strong women writers such as Mae West, Phylis Chesler, Bell Hooks, Doris Lessing and Zora Neale Hurston to name but a few.

    I hope I am not boring you all by this? Any come back would be grateful.

  • I hope I am not boring you all by this?
    Certainly not, Niblet.

    Welcome to the forum :)
  • Welcome to the forum.
  • Hello Niblet.
  • Hi Niblet, I'm new too. Like your poem.
  • Welcome Niblet and liddleowl. Lovely to meet you. Jump in and join in the chat, ask questions, whatever you want to to - you are safe here among other writers.
  • Thank you liddleowl! What a lovely username. How is everyone today? Weather here glorious. Such a beautiful sparkly day with frost tinging on everywhere! I hopefully can sign up for the Newsletter today!
  • Very well, thank you, Niblet; although I haven't been able to feel my feet since about 6.30 this morning it is that cold :)
  • Welcome Niblet :-)

    The office was freezing today!
  • Hi Niblet. Welcome to Talkback.
  • Hi Niblet.
  • Hi! Yes pretty cold here in Wales too. Sunny but freezing. Lots of layers weather. Have to go out tomorrow again and dentist for me in the morning. lol :D
  • Wales! You're from Wales!


    Me too, originally.
  • Hi Tiny Nell! From Manchester originally but lived here in mid-Wales since 1979 so practically Welsh. My son was born here. Tried to go for lessons to learn Welsh but found that a bit awkward as the classes weren't kept up. Love the language. Might try again this April! What part are you from Tiny Nell?
  • I am from Newport originally, but now live in the south east. My mum's family were all from The Valleys. I've still got family there - in Blaenavon. Also got family in the Crickhowell area which is very pretty.
  • Oh yes! Wales is so beautiful! I live in a small town which used to be very sleepy but now has grown. Its surrounded by hills and I am in a valley. The river Severn runs through it which is in flood at present. Sometimes I miss the city and was there in Manchester recently visiting family. But it is really nice here.I am not far from Aberystwyth and the sea. The nearest city 40 miles away across the border which is Shrewsbury another nice part of the world. I am staying put. Lol
  • Are you all writers on this Forum? That is so amazing if you are!
  • More or less. Baggy Books is also a proofreader. I can't think of anyone who doesn't write here.
  • I'm pretty new to it all; I write so I consider myself a writer, but I'm not as prolific (or as talented) as some of the people on here.

    Learning a lot though!
  • That's wonderful. Do you personally write every day besides writing on this Forum? Would love to read the work you folk have done! Found a couple of blogs where people write and they are so interesting and good. Yeah I am still learning and everything so new! I can't even spell half the time lol.
  • Spelling can be learned and also corrected. If you are a talented writer or willing to learn and work at it then that is the important thing.

    We all write different things. I'm a children's poet.
  • I went to Wales on honeymoon - do I get any points for that?

    I write most days. Mostly short fiction for women's magazines.
  • I went to Wales at the weekend.
    It was extremely snowy between Aberystwyth and New Radnor.

    I write when I think the world is due a treat. Crap, mostly
  • I don't always write (proper stuff) every day, but I do potter around the writing periphery.
  • Oh! You guys seem great! Yes due snow here and probably has already snowed at Aberystwyth. Children's poetry? That's interesting! Oooh Never thought of children's poetry. Have written a short story for children called Imaginary Grandchildren and did an illustration for it. Love Spike Milligan's children's poetry. Then there is the other guy is it Ben Kingsley who did poetry for children? I suppose there are a few. I would love to read what you folk have written. I love words and a fresh page. There is something about putting a pen to a fresh page and blotting it all over with ink spots. Sorry! Getting carried away! lol
  • If you look at the TB Virtual Bookshelf, Niblet, you can see some of the books by members of TB. Also, if you are interested in a particular member, click on their name. THis will take you to a profile page where you can click the button 'About X'. Here you will see links to websites, blogs, Amazon pages, etc. Not everyone has filled this in, mind you!

    Every month we have a One Word Challenge, where a single word is supplied by the previous month's winners. Anyone can enter a (up to) 200-word story and/or a (up to) 40-line poem on the theme given. You can have a look at what some of our members have already written if you click on the thread. This month's theme is 'New'. You are very welcome to enter it yourself.
  • Oooh! That would be a challenge! A story about 'New'? Will have a go Tiny Nell! Will think it about it today and if I can't get a story together then maybe a poem. Oooh that is lovely! Thank you! lol
  • LizLiz
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    There are hundreds of children's poets. But they don't get paid well enough to earn a living, the prolific ones tend to make money by going to schools and teaching the delights of poetry.

    Spike Milligan just wrote silly poems, not necessarily for children, but used in anthologies, and Ben Kingsley is, I think, an actor, never heard of him as a children's poet.

    oh, edit to put in my website;
  • Oh right Liz! My memory crap! Will work on that short story and see just what comes up. I love this thing having a subject then creating something around it its like building lego! lol
  • Good luck, Niblet!
  • I went to Wales on honeymoon - do I get any points for that?

    Where did you go? I live in south Wales and I tend to go on holiday in Tenby. I
    didn't know people came here for honeymoon so I'm curious as I don't travel far myself (I ocassionaly go to Dorset and have been to Cornwell)
  • I used to go to Tenby. I remember the monks making perfume on Caldy Island. Are they still there?
  • I lived in Wales from age 3 to age 5. Cardiff, then Penarth. Possibly longer. I went to my first school there in Penarth - it was in a little wooden building and the girl opposite me had her hanky attached to her dress with a safety pin. There were pictures all round the walls. We had to walk somewhere in a crocodile each day, but I don't know where... the toilets were in an outhouse and they were separated from each other by chicken wire, and the boys' toilets was also separated from ours by chicken wire, so you could see everything everyone was doing. Consequently, I always asked to go during lessons. I can even remember the walk to school.

    We lived in a very modern flat, which the developers could not sell as it was too expensive - it had underfloor heating, and my mum and dad were lucky to rent it. When, years later, I visited the man who was out best man and his partner, they lived round the corner, so we went to see it again. I can remember the whole layout of that flat.
  • That's fascinating Liz! I think the monks are still there but my hubby bought a pot mug from their shop and think they have stopped the perfume range. Would have loved to have gone visit their island and abbey. That must be quite awesome. The little school sounds typical of a small Welsh village school around that time. My town has a historical background of people working on looms and with wool. A textile industry. It is lovely that there are still houses here where these people used to work and live. There is a museum and it is interesting. But an English woman called Emily Briscoe interests me the most because she built the clock tower still standing and keeping accurate time. Her story here fascinates me.
  • This would have been around 1962.
  • I like Wales A LOT! We've stayed in some lovely accommodation there every time we go and the locals are always friendly and pleasant. Had some fantastic holidays and the beaches are brill!

    My only problem with Wales is the signposting on major roads is pretty poor.
  • Yes Dora road signs poor. Can be blocked by hedges and shrubs etc. Also they are in Welsh too. The real Welsh people are lovely. Salt of the Earth like Northern folk. And they do take good care of their beaches. Its a great place to make memories of a honeymoon lol.
  • Hi Liz! When I post a poem on my blog it isn't exactly published is it? I am not quite sure when something is published or not? Is it when an organization or some other blog or poetry or writing group do it and not yourself? Would be grateful for that information!
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    Whether something is considered published depends on the organisation or competition you are submitting it to.
    For example, many competitions would consider publication on your blog to be published and you would not be able to enter it in the comp.
    If it has been printed in a writing group newsletter that doesn't go online and is only handed out to a dozen people then most placed would not consider that published.
  • As heather says, it may be considered published from being on your website or blog if you want to put it in a competition.

    It would not count as published if you were for instance writing a letter or email to someone to give your CV.

    I put stuff on my blog and website which I then send out to get really published in books, and in the children's poetry world that is fine. They only occasionally stipulate that they want new work, ie not published in book before, and they are usually not even worried about that. You just have to give them the details of where and when for the final book so first publication is attributed.

    In the adult world things are slightly different. You need to get published in magazines to get your name known, and to give yourself a track record. Similar to children's you need about 10 years of being published in magazines/leaflets/pamphlets/anthologies (anthologies in the children's world) before you will be considered for your own single voice book.
  • Hi and belated welcome, Niblet.
  • Hi Claudia! Thank you Heather and Liz. That has really clarified a lot for me. Just been reading Wendy Cope. She is really inspirational. So sad about her. I really love this Forum and am going to enjoy it. Thanks again!
  • She hasn't died, has she?
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