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I think the Hairy Biker cooking in Egypt, BB2 Monday. helped my book sales :)

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On Monday BBC 2 the Hairy Biker was in Egypt and looking at Egyptian dishes and how to make them. (Many of the recipes are in my book 'A Taste of Egyptian cookery' )
The day after the prog I had sold 5 copies in the UK! I hardly ever sell any on the UK Amazon site so I think the prog might have helped here? I tend to sell a couple of copies a month but usually on the USA Amazon site. I'd like to make a paperback copy but with all the colour photos it makes it very expensive to publish.


  • Woohoo! Just shows that publicity and endorsement are brilliant things.
  • What a brilliant tie up. Hairy Bikers are very popular. (Not just in cooking circles I suspect he he).
    Well done
  • Wonderful. Well done.
  • That's excellent - can you do anything else to promote/highlight your book while people are still 'thinking' about Egyptian cookery?
  • I am tweeting about it Claudia and have got a few more followers as a results.
    Any ideas?
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    Any ideas?
    Never having written a book, I don't know anything about marketing one, but hopefully some experienced authors will read this thread and have some good ideas.
    Would local newspapers/radio be worth a punt? Also, don't know if supermarket magazines are worth contacting...?
  • Have you got any photos you've taken of the recipes you've included in the e-book? Or doesn't it have photos?

    Something I learnt yesterday from the social media and marketing session at the romance festival was appealing to the reader, but not doing it in a blatant buy my book way.

    Perhaps a couple of ingredients, and a snippet about a particular dish, might need to do a couple of tweets, and include your book link or be blatant, and ask if 'anyone saw the Hairy Bikers in Egypt, and great to see the sort of recipes used that feature in my book, and link to the page'.

    Need to put the idea in their mind- perhaps use the cover photo, so even if they only click and go and look they may come back and but in the future.

  • Yes it has photos I am surprised you have not seen these on Facebook as from time to time I put the recipes on there with the photos. Recently I posted the Ma'amouls one , the delicious date cakes. I'll post it again and tweet it.
  • I am surprised you have not seen these on Facebook
    It's really easy to miss stuff on facebook, especially if you have a lot of 'friends'. I asked my husband why he'd not been posting his usual 'on this day pictures' this year and he showed me loads which I'd missed.
  • Yes, Facebook have been mucking around again, and I'm not seeing a lot of stuff posted. :(

    I'll pop over to Twitter and check and RT. :)
  • Just saw it. Thanks!
  • Fingers crossed. :)
  • That is excellent news!

    I do think that we watch programmes and go off on a tangent, via Google and Amazon. I know I do. There's a good lesson for us all - keep an eye on the TV listings and create promotions to suit.

  • Nef - how wonderful. Well done!
  • Maybe we should all sign a petition saying we want TV series of Jamie Oliver's Egyptian, Gordon Ramsay's ******* Egyptian, etc etc?
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