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Logging in to TB on Kindle

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Does anyone else have trouble logging on on Kindle? I can add my log in details, but it won't accept them. It doesn't say I've done anything wrong, it just goes back to the publicly-visible page. Not even an apology, or a whoops. It's happened since the Server Outage/eclipse.


  • Ihaven't tried since I was last away from home in January.

    *makes note to check over the weekend*
  • *makes note to remind Lizy to check over the weekend*
  • Not used it log into Talkback for some time, but hold on and I'll try it now.
  • I am in! Internet , http etc for website , sign in , password, sorted. This is on my tablet, not kindle but same size Samsung,. X
  • Just logged in on my Kindle fire okay.
  • edited March 2015
    Right, back on my computer.

    Mrs Bear, have you checked for updates? Sure you have, but it's always worth checking.
  • I'll leave you in carol's capable hands mrs bear
  • I have the same problem on my IPad Mrs Bear. Oddly enough it does work on my Iphone.
  • Thanks StF - it's not just me! I'll look for an update. Carol, where do I look for an update on Kindle?
  • Assuming you have a Kindle Fire- on that you need to pull down the various options from right at the top of the screen- you can't see them until you do this. If there's updates available- touch settings and that opens another list, press Sync and Check for Items.

    If there's anything to do it will tell you.
  • Thanks, Carol - I'll go and play with it. I do know how to do these things - but when you don't use them from one month to the next, they slip the mind to make way for other fluff and stuff.
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