Create Universal Amazon Links using BookLinker

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A universal Amazon link directs the potential book purchaser to their 'local' Amazon site - saves listing lots of different links or sending the purchaser to the wrong site. BookLinker generates these links for you, free of charge.
For those interested, there's more details on my blog:


  • Sounds a good idea but I can't get it to work. It says my URLs are invalid, but I've copied them straight from Amazon so I don't see how they can be!
  • The last people to do this were stopped (Bookshowme) I wonder how long this one will last.
  • It worked for me when I copied my Amazon Link. I copied from Amazon. Then
    I chose the domain (getBookat) from a drop-down selection & then entered 'Museum' as the link's name.
    It produced the universal link
    As to how long it will last, BookLinker is managed by Georiot which provides a similar service (with more bells & whistles) but charges when you go over 1,000 clicks. I've used Georiot for over a year and found them very good and quick to respond to any queries.
    I don't know anything about Bookshowme.
  • I emailed them and it's now sorted out.

    Not convinced the number of clicks is accurate. Mine had 5 even before I'd copied it to post it up anywhere.
  • Thanks, Sally.

    As a computer dumbo, I am already stuck!

    I've got as far as copying the URL of my first book and pasting it in the first place required. Tick.

    Now a second page has come up which shows the correct book cover relating to that link and (confusingly, as I did it on the previous page) the words 'Enter your desired link:'.

    Beneath that are two boxes.
    The left box has a pull down menu and the default choice is: The other choices are: viewBookat or GetBookat. Help!

    In the box to the right is the instruction 'Give your link a name'. What should I put here? The URL again? The book title? The book's title and author name?

    Or should I just stand in the corner wearing a conical hat?
  • I was confused too - when they mention links and URLs I couldn't tell if they meant the one I was making, or the one I'd gor from Amazon.

    You only need to put the Amazon one in the first box. The 'desired link' is the new one you're making. I used the book title as the link name - don't use spaces though as it doesn't like that.
  • Ah, thanks, PM. I'll have another bash.
  • Ah, something's gone wrong. It told me the link had been created, I clicked on it to check and it said an Author Page hadn't been created. Codswallop!
  • Did you create an author page one, or a book one?

    If it was a book one then click by where it says author page and you'll find the book option.
  • Was I meant to create another Author Page, in addition to my Amazon one? I'll go back and have another look at it later. Maybe I didn't look properly.

    For the record, I hate computers.
  • Maybe I didn't look properly.
    I think that's it. You're looking at author page links and it correctly says you've not created one of those. As you've made a book link, that's where you need to look.
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