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Account issue regarding subscription and orders

edited May 2015 in - Website Problems

I have been subscribing since September 2014. I have only recently been able to get around to using the online website to look towards entering competitions etc.

However, my account seems to think I have no subscription, nor any previous orders listed. I'm very confused and feel like I'm missing out on good stuff!

Please let me know what I can do to fix this.

EDIT: I subscribed through the website too!


  • Hello.

    I've flagged your comment so that the magazine's office receive an email and can respond ASAP.
  • That's great, thank you very much :)
  • Hi Luke and welcome to Talkback. Hope you get your sub sorted soon.
  • Hi Luke, sorry for the delay, and the trouble with the site.
    This happens sometimes when our web server creates you a second account instead of taking you to the first one. Please could you give our subs department a call (01778 392482) or email [email protected] with your postcode and surname, and they'll get it fixed for you.
  • That's fantastic thankyou! I shall do it tonight after work :)
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