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Finding Competition results

edited June 2015 in - Website Problems
Due to the somewhat haphazard approach to site maintenance by writers online - keeping up to date :-)) it has been a trial keeping abreast with the results of competitions, since it doesn't subscribe to the revolutionary approach of emailing members news of yays or nays.
So one must scramble through the briar patch to find the luscious bilberries or the tart raspberries ... or wait for the magazine where the mystery of results might be less arduously uncovered.

Then I got this month's Writing Magazine (July 2015) which has engulfed Writers News with a distracting layout which ironically has a featured article titled "How to Format Your Book". Hah!

I fear design has lost out to advertising sponsorship over the years and WM simply does not have the clearly organised layout it once had, and so it has become a hardcopy mirror of the maze which is writers online.


  • edited June 2015
    Sorry to say but most organisations don't tell you results unless you win.
  • I rather like the new look - and with the competitions mentioned in the index the winning stories and other results seem at least as easy to find as they were before.
  • Can't please everyone, but I find the new look much better.

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