Latest study guide- Orwell's "Animal Farm"

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I've just finished writing my latest study guide for GCSE students.

I'm now waiting to agree the fee for a licence to use quotations. If this takes the advertised 6 weeks I will be publishing on Amazon in 3/4 weeks; I should be hearing from the rights holders in about a week from now.

As before, if you know anyone who is going to be doing AF for GCSE next summer- or if you're an interested adult- I'd be very happy to send you a free copy in exchange for posting a review, with their/your opinion, in due course.

I think I've found something which all the other guides have missed- that Orwell uses a specific reference to the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, to show that he is concerned not just about Russia from 1917 to 1943 but also with the philosophical concept of the "social contract" between the governed and those who govern them.


  • Well done, you. Congratulations, Ae!!
  • Well done, Aes.
  • Congratulations, Aeschylus!
  • It has always struck me as a story of typical human nature, some start off
    with good intentions, and then get greedy. Its the gift of rhetoric. I'll
    be reading that.
    Well done Aeschylus.
  • You're on a great roll, Aeschylus! Congratulations.
  • Fabulous, Aeschylus!
  • I finally got my licence to use quotations so the guide is live on Amazon. Anyone who would like a review copy should just let me know.

    My plan is "Romeo and Juliet" next- already underway- but I'm being sidetracked by Arthur Miller's "All my sons" and Robert Louis Stephenson, for Jekyll and Hyde. I've been looking at some of his other writing. It's interesting!
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