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What's the weather like there?



  • Cool but sunny
  • Cooled down, but there's still a few clouds around and the light is good.
  • Sunny. B)
  • Sunny. :) 
    Another frost. :(
  • Bright and not too cold.
  • Lovely and warm today.
  • Really nice day  B)
  • Cold in the wind at Mum's – although we still sat outside for a couple hours. Warmer at home in my garden despite it being later. 
  • I just been out to bring in the now dry towels, and I can feel the drop in temperature- not much but it's there. 
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    Cloudy with some sunny intervals. Warm.
  • Sunny. Not sure if we had a frost. Up too late to check.
  • We didn't have frost, but there was mist early this morning. It's cool outside, but complete cloud cover too.
  • Another sunny day so washing drying on the line and more gardening stints planned. Mainly of the destructive rather than constructive nature as a few shrubs have overwhelmed more delicate plants but almost restored order in recent weeks and lots of small plants and seedlings in place ready to plant when finished.
  • Glorious sunshine and warm.  B)
  • Sunshine now the clouds have cleared.
  • So warm! 
  • Lovely now. Quite warm and there's no clouds.
  • Same here, Carol. I walked along to see Mum this morning and we were almost tempted to sit outside!

    Don, on the other hand, has switched the fire on!
  • The digital thermometer was temporarily removed from GH1 and put on the patio table in the shade, and even there it was 22 degrees C.
  • Lovely and sunny – but the wind is bitter.
  • Was still chilly first thing, but now much warmer.
  • Bright sunshine here but a bit chill in the shade. Just back from second dose of vaccine so the perfect excuse to sit and enjoy it instead of slogging away gardening!
  • Yes, chilly in the shade.

    Sounds like the best idea, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing.
  • Wind has dropped and it's hot!
  • I'm taking the dog to the local park later and meeting up with daughter to have a drink at a pub, seems so long since I've done that.
  • Have fun Neph.

    I'm about to go back into the garden to check on the greenhouses, and how OH is getting on with the work taking place under the gazebo frame.
  • Chilly. The sky is clear, as is the moon.
  • Been a warm sunny day here.
  • Brilliant sunshine but I woke up cold. Now the heating's come on I'm staying in bed a bit longer!
  • Cold in the shade but in the sun it's already warm. 
  • Same as Baggy's description.
  • Same here.
  • Slight breeze but heating up in the sunshine.

  • Sunny but cold wind. Great drying weather.
  • Lizy said:
    Sunny but cold wind. Great drying weather.
    Yes, clothes drying outside in the sunshine.

    Cooled down quite quickly this evening. Assumed low temperatures overnight again.
  • There's cloud cover with small lines of blue sky behind it. It's not cold, but I expect it to be warmer by lunchtime.
  • Sunny and warm in my sheltered garden. Off for a walk soon so will see how strong the breeze is.
  • Mix of cloud and sun, warm.
  • Was lovely all day, but the breeze became chilly. 
  • Same here. Spent the day in the garden and it was lovely.
  • Sunny for most of the day. Had a lovely day in the garden.
  • Cool this morning. Lot of cloud with darker patches, but some blue sky still visible between them.
  • Very bright but have spotted people wearing coats.
  • Sunny and warm. B)
  • Warmed up quite a bit but the breeze has an edge to it once you move out of the sunny part.
  • Sunny at 7am but an hour later it's cloudy and blowy.
  • Sunny and bright. Bitter wind. In fact, it's almost freezing out there. :(
  • Bright, but a little cool in the shade at the moment.
  • Sunny and warm.  B)
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