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What's the weather like there?



  • Dreadful - dank and windy and cold. We were going to go out for a walk at a NT place today but shan't bother now (lightweights!)
  • Stopped raining, wind has dropped for now.
  • Gales for 24 hours. Now it's bright and breezy.
  • Cleared a little but still windy.

  • Sun is shining now.
  • Raining again.
  • Same here.
  • Yep!
  • Sun's up!
  • So was I, at 6am, reading through the first chapters of my next book. *Yawns
  • I was also up at 6am. Sunny and no wind.  B)
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    Sun, blue skies and cloud with the occasional dark clouds passing by. We had more rain in the night.
  • Torrential rain and hail!
  • Dark clouds are moving in again.
  • Had a real mix so far. Sun, hail, sleet and rain. No wind thankfully. raining now.
  • Warmed up a bit, and the dark clouds have moved on for a while.
  • It wasn't too bad early afternoon, as long as I kept moving.
  • Sun's out at the moment. 
  • Sun was out but it's now behind dark clouds, though I can see blue sky and fluffy clouds in the distance.
  • Mix of sun and clouds. Cold.
  • Cool, but blue sky and high clouds with an occasional dark patch.
  • So far we have had sun, rain and hail. Luckily no snow as I gather they have in Scotland!
  • Warm, cool, bright, overcast- all at the same time!
  • Lovely sunshine.
  • Looks to be better today. Sun and clouds but lots of blue sky about.
  • Blue sky between the small gaps in the clouds, and it's cool. The sun is trying to shine between the clouds.

    We had rain last night
  • Beautiful morning. 
  • Tipping it down. 
  • Wet and windy.
  • Same here.
  • We have a temporary no rain spell at the moment. But, more is due.
  • Sunshine!
  • Sunshine is lurking. It's stopped raining, though we may get the odd shower today.
  • Damp and warm.
  • We've had a slight breeze today, but dark clouds have been coming over this afternoon and they've not cleared.
  • Dark clouds. 
  • More rain.
  • Breezy with showers.
  • Just had a mini-warm spell but a few dark clouds still lurking.
  • Mix of cloud and sun. Much warmer.
  • The rain has passed over now, and I have sunshine. 
  • Sunny, though my pessimistic OH points out there are clouds lurking.
  • :)
    Just beginning to feel damp in the air. Rain's due this afternoon. 
  • Cloudy but yesterday's breeze has gone.
  • Keeping getting short showers.
  • Been a mix of sun and cloud. Thunder and heavy rain now!
  • Pouring!
  • Got my washing 90% dry but with clouds gathering I brought it in half an hour ago. I hope it rains, tbh, as I've also been gardening
  • Had a spell of dry weather, but I've heard thunder in the distance and the last patch of dark clouds are coming toward us now- blue skies behind.

    The weather trough over us at the time, was shown on our lunchtime news, and it's heading north now.
  • It is dark weather.
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