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What's the weather like there?



  • Blinkin' 'ot.
  • Nice here, still. Put some washing out.
  • Very pleasant with patio doors open and in shade with very light breeze wafting in.

    Glorious day.
  • Bin gardening. Too 'ot.
  • Hot and windy.
  • Heavy, humid; thunder is forecast, but it may by-pass our little bit of hillside.
  • Hot and windy.
    Describes me to a tee.

  • Has been sticky all day, but we've just had a couple of quick rainfalls, but suspect more dark clouds are forming.
  • Still 'ot
  • Raining now.
  • Hot, sticky and cloudy.
  • Heavy thunderstorms earlier this evening. Cleared now but still hot and sticky.
  • It rained on OH's washing which I left out this afternoon while I went into town. Texted son who texted back that it didn't look like rain, it WAS raining, pouring, in fact, and he was still at work. So couldn't do anything about it. Washing dripping when we returned.
  • Think we have the storm still to arrive...
  • Hazy sunshine, humid.
  • Liz, keep Rain Alarm in your favourites and you'll always know when it's near.

    Pouring today!
  • We left long before rain due, hours. Still, it's all dry now.

    I don't have favourites...
  • Very windy but warm too- if it wasn't for the wind it would be sticky.
  • Raining for a change!
  • Walked over to our local hospice's Gardenfest - it's the one that appeared on Alan Titchmarsh's Love Your Wild Garden last week so it was very busy. We came away fairly early and got home just as it started spitting. Spitting intensified to two hours of solid rain which is a real shame because they'd put so much effort in to the event, but it looks like the final hour may be dry(ish).
  • Very wet here.
  • Been raining for a while now. Fortunately we just finished the final dead-heading of the rose bush outside my kitchen window when the rain started.
  • Uegh. Rain, too. Our rose bush is covered in blooms, they smell glorious. Hope they'll continue for a while...
  • Heavy rain. Very. Had to change trousers.
  • Recovering from Mudder No. 6 (3rd this year!), and contemplating the fact U signed up for another in three weeks...gulp!
  • I certainly did not sign up for one.
  • I was shocked at that thought, Liz.

    Still raining...
  • It's lovely here. Fresh air and sun!

  • Raining here too.
  • Raining and pouring
    The old man is snoring

    Actually, he's at work...
  • Oh dear, does that mean I am due some rain if both of you are receiving it now? Hmm, and I need to go out for 3pm too!
  • I'm drowning.
  • Thank goodness you have a waterproof keyboard!

    Still raining in Dorset.
  • *puts keyboard in puddle*

    It isn't waterproof.
  • Ah! You weren't really drowning?

    *calls off search*

    Stopped raining.
  • Rained this morning; now the wind is very blustery. I saw a blue bit for a moment there, but it was only 1 metre square so I didn't get too excited.
  • Raining again.
  • peeing down again now
  • Grey and breezy... but dry!
  • Oh, and cold.

    *considers looking for a pair of gloves*
  • Same here, just popped upstairs to close the bedroom windows. I could feel a something cold around my nether regions...
  • Oh, so the window cleaner had already squeezed in...?
  • I certainly did not sign up for one.
    Dammit, I mean I not U!

    Also, I meant to post this in the 'what were you doing just then?' thread.

    ...I do not do Mondays well!
  • Hot.
    Sorry chaps.
  • Lovely sunny day today and still sunny.
  • I'm glad it's turned a bit cooler.
  • Chucking it down here this morning - the guy over the back from us who took the roof off his garage yesterday is probably wishing he hadn't...
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