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What's the weather like there?



  • Grey, surprisingly warmer than it looks.
  • Dull, and cool- very cool.
  • Sunny and warm.
  • A lovely morning, heavy black clouds this afternoon that did nothing, now drizzling - but it waited till we'd finished gardening. Very considerate.
  • Hot in the sun.
  • It's not cold but it's not warm either.
  • We actually had some drizzle on our way home this morning!

    It only lasted two minutes and wasn't enough to need windscreen wipers, but it's a start.
  • Hot and sunny - should be outside.
  • Beautiful weather in Dorset. Warm and sunny.
  • Sun just went in here, which is a shame as the builders have now gone...
  • Very pleasant here today and now is a pleasant evening.
  • Sun came out again.
  • Warm and sunny here today.
  • Humid and cloudy.
  • I've been cold - sitting in my office. But I've just popped to the shops and it's actually lovely and warm. My office doesn't get the sun until it's just about to set.

    Walking to the pub later, it was a friend's birthday yesterday and we're celebrating tonight. Hopefully we'll find it warm enough to sit outside.
  • It was freezing last night. I was out in London and it felt like winter. It was a very clear night.
  • I wish I could say it was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini that I wore for the first time today, but instead it was a warm long sleeved jumper.
  • Beautiful day here today. I hope it lasts for a few more days.
  • It's getting dark early. Boo.
  • Anyone getting up really early to look at the sky on Thursday?

    Isn't there something about the earth, sun and moon lining up on Friday morning?
  • Getting up really early? Not on your nellie, TN.
    Sunny here until Saturday.
  • Our host en France says it's going to rain next week apparently, although she says the forecasts are not very accurate.
  • Grey morning is giving way to a little sunshine. Just about to step out and test the temp.
  • Warm with the lightest of breeze. Cold indoors, no sun on my office's side of the house. Lunch in the garden!
  • It's been very hot all day.
  • Just going to get the washing in - if the sun's still over the garden I might be some time...
  • Yesterday was glorious. We went to the beach and strolled through the shallows, with little fish darting about as the tide came in and occasionally being snatched by gulls. Today has started misty - the change is coming. Glad we made the most of it.
  • Looks like it's going to be another hot 'un.

    *brushes mothballs off bikini*
  • Lovely in Dorset. Fish and chips by the mill tonight - might be the last chance for this year.
  • Just been sitting outside with my friend. Too hot for her. Had to put the umbrella up.
  • It rained. Well, it was a shower, but it may have chums following on.
  • So, you aren't that far down France, are you?

    *Is looking at cases and wondering whether to pack summer tops or winter tops and whether thick cardies or thin cardies and whether merino wool and cashmere fit the bill or cotton and linen*
  • Lunch in the garden was very pleasant.
  • I trust the grass tasted divine?
  • When the sun's out it's warm. When it goes in it turns really cold.
    Liz, I'm at the top of France, on the right, as you look down from England. Check that weather link I sent you. If you normally feel the cold, take layers. Evenings are cool up here now. And don't forget socks - got to keep your feet warm.
  • There was an extremely heavy downpour earlier.
  • Oh, thanks Mrs B, I have packed socks for 7 days, I am a sock person. Layers are going in. I have seven cool tops and 7 warm tops. I can't afford to wear a cool top when it's cold as my BS is very affected by temperature. But it's in half way or further down so I was thinking it would be warmer, altho the owner said it was always cool in the evenings being high.
  • Rain in the night, sunny now.
  • Grey.

    I think I'll put the heating on.

    Layers are good, Liz. Whip 'em off, whip 'em on.
  • You have to carry them though, particularly in a big house.
  • Sun's out.

    *whips off socks and turns off heating*
  • Sunny here too.
  • edited September 2015
    Lovely out today. Grass is till dewy from this morn but otherwise a lovely day. Had washing out.

    Few of my friends said they've had their heating on recently. I know I've put a jumper on but it's way too early for heating.
  • WHAT a contrast to yesterday! Still I don't mind, tons of stuff to do indoors today.
  • Same here. We've had rain through the night and this morning. Sun's out now but not for long.

  • Still, it's good for the ducks and the lawn. Shame I've got all the bedding to wash today. Wish I done it yesterday now.
  • Think the rain has stopped for the moment.
  • Now the sun's out.
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