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What's the weather like there?



  • Sunny and warm.
  • Scorchio!
  • Sunshine.
  • Dull and colder. Wore shorts yesterday, a coat today!
  • Cold and very windy. Clouds are moving swiftly.
  • It's suddenly become cold here - have put a soft wool jumper on and a jumper on top of that! 
  • Same here Liz. 
  • Mix of sun and clouds. Breezy and quite a bit colder than yesterday.
  • Bitterly cold wind. 
  • Samehere, Baggy, but the sun is lovely.
  • I've been out and the wind is not cold here, it's fresh and refreshing and the sun is quite warm - however, that's in our garden which has a microclimate... 
  • Beautiful! Clear sky, no wind.
  • Sunshine, light breeze, blue sky but high clouds dotted about.
  • Cooled down, murky cloud cover.
  • Sunny but very windy. 
  • Colder and windy but not the rain I want for my garden.
  • Still windy but blue sky and fewer high clouds than earlier today.
  • I think the wind has died down a bit - hope it has, anyway! 
  • The wind had died down by the time I went to bed last night, but it's blowing again but in a slightly different direction to yesterday.
  • Sunny but very windy again.
  • Grey clouds looming.
  • Windy and uncertain.
  • Grey clouds but the sun is shining in the gaps.
  • Blimey - next week forecast

  • Yes, it's meant to be warming up again next week.
  • Beautiful morning. Not a cloud in the sky. 😎
  • Lovely. Sunshine, blue skies, no clouds.
  • Hothothothot...
  • Too hot to sit outside.
  • clouded over a bit, but still warm.
  • Hot. I've had to come indoors for a while to cool down.
  • Not good because I have to wear socks today.
  • Small amount of rain - hoping for more.
  • Stopped raining earlier but it's much cooler tonight. 
  • Chilly was the word on my tongue too, Baggy - and there's damp in the air, but not enough by any means yet.
  • I am wearing a jumper. Hmmph.
  • Although I needed a jumper this morning, it's now warmed up a little. The sky is blue and there's high thin clouds.
  • I am wearing my zippy with a hood. :( It brightened up this afternoon and I think it's possibly warmer out than in. 
  • Now low clouds and light but persistent rain again, also cold.
  • I put the heat on for half an hour. 
  • Chilly and raining. Garden is loving the rain.
  • Had been raining but now back to blue sky and high thin clouds, sun but still breezy.
  • edited June 2020
    Now dark clouds and rain and hale stones. Suspect it will be like this today. 

    Can add lightning and high winds to that. It's easing down to only rain now, thankfully.
  • Wilts said:
    Chilly and raining. Garden is loving the rain.
    So am I.  And the birdies.

    It's so important we have a good balance of weather in this country.
  • Like yesterday but more rain showers. Now have thunder rumbling in the distance.

  • it may as well be April here.  I've not needed the heating on though.  Plenty of sun streaming through the windows.
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