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Latest version of WM - video* incoming!

edited December 2015 in - WM and WN
Just thought I'd drop in to mention our latest exciting new development - we've added a new string to our digital bow with the January 2016 edition.

Users on mobile devices can now view a new "mobile reader" version which is very easy on the eye and much easier to read. It should pop up by default if you're using an iPhone or viewing WM through the Pocketmags app on an Android.

We still do the enhanced edition, which is all slick and sleek, for tablets and bigger devices, and the standard edition, for viewing on PCs and less capable devices... and whichever device you originally purchase on, you can download it to each of your devices and get the best-suited version for each one.

Download the version that's right for you here: http://writ.rs/digitalissue

* I'll add the video here once it's finished uploading. Oh yes.
** as promised!


  • *munches popcorn*
  • Like the option of seeing how it looks in the print version as well as the format which is easier to read digitally.

    Think I'll stick with the paper version for now though.
  • At least we can now see why the phone's always engaged...
  • He's pretending to work, Baggy, but we all know he's messing about sharing photos of his dinner on FB.
  • Ha! I got all excited, thinking it was a new improved forum...

    Is that a Christmas card? Surely not!
  • There are two! And tinsel.
  • And the phone was off the hook. I tried ringing and it was engaged!
  • Ha! I got all excited, thinking it was a new improved forum...
    Is that a Christmas card? Surely not!
    I wish Liz, and yes, from the ever-punctual Simon Whaley.
  • Looks good for those who prefer digital. I prefer the proper version.
  • I'm paper all the way. I like to circle things and fold pages... and I like to store hundreds and hundreds of copies in my house.
  • Same here. I love the suspense of waiting for it to arrive.
  • Yes, must have WM in paper form.
  • He speaks - he moves - he is SuperWebbo!

    'Billy, are you messing about on that phone again?'
    'No, Mum, I'm reading Writing Magazine, honest.'
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