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#writingchat is a twitter event every Wednesday 8-9 UK time. As the name suggests, it's a conversation about writing. The idea is to help writers engage with each other and bring some of the social aspect back to social media.

To join in, just tweet using the hashtag. There's a different topic each week. Tonight's is 'building your audience part 2'.


  • Excellent...!
  • Excellent...!
    I take it you have a 'suitable' photo.
  • Is it Wednesday? I've been wrong all day, then.
  • I *think* it is. I have been wrong before.
  • Tonight it's punctuation and more.
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    Will Baggy be posting a picture to make us go &*%££*! ?
  • Only if she gets back from the theatre in time...
  • Oh, what are you going to see?
  • The Mousetrap...
  • My plan is to be there... at #writingchat, not munching popcorn next to Baggy. I love punctuation (like a brother), but I can make no promises; I am already thinking about bedtime.

  • Hope you enjoy it, Baggy. I'd like to see it.

    Hope you can stay awake, TN. If you feel yourself nodding off, just let me know and I'll tell you some jokes to wake you up.
  • I went to the matinee and it was brilliant! Am still replying to work emails and checking up with the day's happenings on Facebook. I shan't make it tonight. Need food.
    I'll tell you some jokes to wake you up.

  • I'll tell you some jokes to wake you up.

  • I know you're both just teasing me. :)
  • If anyone ever wondered how good writers are at punctuation, tonight might have surprised them. :-\"
  • I was surprised at the gaps in knowledge of one of two.
  • Really...?!
  • I've already forgotten the name of that thing...

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    The ?! merged together one- the interrobang.

    We can't be good at everything, TN. :D
  • I was surprised at the gaps in knowledge of one of two.
    I've found the same when critiquing. People who're generally good will have mental blocks when it comes to one particular aspect or will under or over use one form of punctuation.

    Not that I'm claiming my punctuation is always absolutely perfect. I'm excellent at bunging in apostrophes where they have no business showing up, and comma use can be erratic.
  • I am currently culling colons. It's bloody work.
  • Few are strong enough to even try.
  • I'm glad it was punctuation last night that I missed; however, I will definitely be there next week whatever the subject. I may need a bit of guidance on how to get there and perhaps the process of #writingchat. I'm clueless when it comes to Twitter.
  • It starts at 8pm, and if you follow PM's twitter handle you will quickly find the hashtag #writingchat - though you'll probably find it...busy, as there will be a number of conversations (on the subject) taking place between different attendees, but just join in when you want and use the hashtag. :)
  • The topic tonight is 'How to be a good writing buddy'.
  • Sorry I missed it.

    I don't have a writing buddy anyway...

  • Budweiser is a good enough writing buddy for me

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    I thought we might have connected people in need of buddies, but eveveryone who took part seemed to have one already.
  • Oh, so we would have been third wheels...
  • Not at all.
  • Tonight's #writingchat is 'Your writing day'.
  • And tonight it's 'dealing with rejection'.
  • I'm afraid I will have to reject the opportunity to engage and shed a shared tear. I have a window man coming (not a new one, this is his second visit).
  • More rejection. I don't think I can cope.
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    Tonight's is about 'libraries'. An open and closed subject?
  • Tonight's topic is womags.
  • Read that as worm rags, was intrigued :P
  • Won't make it tonight guys - I'm working my way through two shorts with upcoming deadlines as well as an R&R I wasn't expecting to receive. Don't want to mess it up.
  • Hope it all goes well, SL.
  • Tonight it's Technology and Software...
  • I don't think I'll be at that one. I am a technophobe.
  • I'm going to miss out tonight. My arm is still quite painful. Typing on my laptop or phone can only be done in short instalments. I don't think I could last an hour.
  • That's understandable Doglover. Keep taking the pain killers, it will help the healing process.

    TN, do you use Word or some other processing software?

    Software is just another name for stuff you might add-on, such as Photoshop, or a photo manipulation package, or drawing package.
  • A computer is technology and you use one of those, TN. Word is software.
  • Oh. I might need to find another photo.
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