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Re my discussions that never were!

edited March 2016 in - Website Problems
Hi All, I have received e-mails from Tiny Nell, Baggy Books and many more regarding my bookmarked discussions, one about the book The Girl in the Red Coat, and one about Michael Gove. I have never read the book and I certainly haven't mentioned Michael Gove so obviously something has gone wrong.
It was from Writers Talkback (no reply). Just to let you know in case anyone else has received anything like this.


  • I'll flag this for Webbo, in case it's another issue from the recent changes.
  • Ooo-er! The flag isn't working, Carol remember - but there's still time to put Webbo's name in the title of the thread!
  • I've flagged it. It worked!
  • Yes, the flag worked for me when I did this month new OWC word.
  • Yes.. it worked for me, but what I mean is, Webbo doesn't get it. Or didn't.
  • Thanks Carol
  • Oh, I'm sorry about that, BD. 'Tweren't me doing any emailing so that's a mysterious mystery... >-)
  • Yes very odd, I have had nothing else,
    Touch wood
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