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Tracking Crobo on mobile

edited April 2016 in - Website Problems
When trying to access the forum on my android phone today it keeps forwarding me to another page tracking.crobo.... I have Googled this and apparently it is not a virus but some king of intrusive adware that can only be stopped by the website changing its ad settings.
Has anyone else had this?
Just thought I'd mention it so that Webbo and his techies can have a look if necessary.
It is far beyond my technical abilities or understanding!


  • I only use either my work computer or Chromebook to connect to the internet. Sorry.
  • I only use a basic mobile and that's not often.
  • I use my iPhone (very occasionally) but haven't had that problem...
  • I often log in on my phone (not an iPhone). It brings me straight here.
  • It seems to have stopped now. Oh well. I'll see how it goes.
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