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Could the forum be improved?

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Is anyone else frustrated by the way the scroll bar is? Instead of being able to use the main scroll bar on the window you are in, you have to use another scroll bar on the actual forum page. It's annoying. I really think this forum could be improved.
This is the only forum I use that frustrates me and some I use are forums that have been created for free.


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    These points have been made to our Webbo many a time - some of the changes are relatively new and most of us didn't like them at all! It is a work in progress, as the team does have limited resources. You do get used to it, kind of, but it still annoys me too!
  • Sadly we have to put up with the scroll bar issue.
    Webbo is good to us, but there's a lot he can't do, it's down to the tech people of Warner Group, and we're not a high priority until there's a major breakdown.
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    Yes!!! Very frustrated with the scroll bar as well as the forum in general. I can't always read the full posts on my ipad and can't always post a comment. It seems to me the adverts are the priority. Many times if I enlarge a post to read it suddenly it reverts back to the original goes back to the top so I have to scroll down again through all the posts to get to the new ones. I can't always read what I am posting as I write as the comment box is hidden. I have to keep scrolling down again to check what I have written. I could go on but I will leave it at that.
  • I seem to remember that Webbo said if he changes to a different 'provider' (if that's the right terminology) we'd lose all the existing threads held in this system's memory, which I don't think any of us would want to happen.
    It is frustrating sometimes, but I've become resigned to it.
  • Thanks Carol. I have tried something like this before but it didn't work. This one does.
  • That's good. :)
  • I feel sea sick sometimes, all this scrolling and what have you
  • Oh, and at least when I click on a thread now it takes me to my last post and not the first page anymore - so that's an improvement.
  • Jen - I totally agree that it's a pain in the proverbial, but we had this discussion before and got nowhere.
  • I suppose I could post more often, liven it up a bit...
  • =))

    I was expecting that to say get rid of the bliddy wimmin.
  • Why would it matter about losing threads? We can make new ones. Let's face it once a post is gone it's gone. I certainly don't spend time looking for any.

    I have found also that I can't view TB on my iPhone - I can only see half of each post, the rest is off to the right and so I can only get a 'gist' of what is being said.

    It's ridiculous in this day and age. Still don't understand why we can't have a forum on another place and leave the rest of Warners here.
  • =))

    I was expecting that to say get rid of the bliddy wimmin.
    Same here!

  • That would have limitations too- in some form, Liz.

  • In what way? I am member of numerous writing forums - none of which have that sort of limitation!
  • Depends on what system/set-up is being used to provide it.

  • I don't have a problem with the forum. It works; it's not perfect. What is?
  • Liz - I get the same problem on my tablet, but I can read it if I turn it sideways.
  • Tried that!

    however, i may be able to see about getting the font smaller now i can actually see... that will help.
  • I don't have any problems with it as is.
    We don't get a lot of spam; we don't get nuisance posters. Sunday mornings are no-post hours, because the techies are playing, but other than that, what's wrong with it? We all post, we all share - it does what it says on the tin without any bells and whistles.
    I don't use any scroll bar - I use the mouse.
    We have to have the forum provided by the magazine owners. I used to belong to the allaboutyou site owned by Hearst: they had to shut it down because of the huge amount of spam and spoilers, and the resultant ill-will of some of the users. No forum is perfect, but it's the content that matters, surely.
  • I suspect one's view is probably coloured by the problems one has if one doesn't have that scroll mouse! On one computer it's fine, on the other it's a pain in the btm. And if you are on a phone - well, nowadays a forum should be ok on any device, and this one is NOT.
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    I don't use a mouse on my Chromebook. It doesn't affect anything.
  • Is it a finger job?
  • :^o As opposed to?
  • Hehehe!
  • I find licking the screen makes it run more smoothly.
  • I use a mouse at home, but not when I'm away. Both work fine.

    Matbe it's different in different browsers?
  • I'm on Chrome – with and without a mouse.

  • I'm on Safari.
  • I'm on both. I'm a bit loose with my preferences.
  • Perhaps it's our eyes?
  • I'm on Chrome. I use the up/down cursor buttons on my laptop to scroll which means I rarely get involved with the double scroll bars. It seems to be only when I use those individual bars that I have problems, but if I stick to the cursor buttons it's fine.
  • I'm on the toilet

  • What are cursor buttons?

  • What are cursor buttons?

    Well, that's what I call them. I mean the up/down/right/left arrows on my keyboard which moves the cursor around.

  • *Plays with buttons* Ooooh...
  • You can get guides to keyboards that tell you what all the buttons do.
  • as far as browsers go I can call myself a browser tart - I dabble with a few
  • Me too, Betsie! I have Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. But find Chrome best.

    And as for browsers, I like Duck Duck Go over Google - it doesn't track you and you get no annoying adverts because of it, mysteriously offering you the items you were just browsing.
  • I use Google and don't get any of those annoying adverts, Liz. It might be an issue with your settings if you were getting them.
  • No, I do have adblock. But just occasionally on a webpage i notice the ads ON THAT PAGE are directed at me. It's quite insidious and sinister. And what's more if you've signed their privacy agreement, legal.
  • How strange.
  • It only bugs me because I have to scroll down on the forum and then scroll down on the window it's in. Otherwise, it's fine.
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