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Goodread's or Wattpad?



  • A tad harsh, Lydia!
  • I have an icon on my screen, I click it, up comes tinyurl.com and I copy in my link which it shortens. That's all I know and so that's all I can offer by way of help, sorry.
  • You have always been iconic, TN
  • edited August 2016
    If you have writing on Wattpad and you want your Twitter followers to read it, you'll need to leave a link to your work. Links take up a lot of characters and Twitter limits you to only 140 so you have to be clever in putting your point across with as few words as possible. You will also have to shorten any links. You can use tinyurl.com (one of several) which will take it down to 26 characters.
    I don't think you need to bother with link-shortening sites. Twitter has its own built-in link-shrinker, which reduces everything to 23 characters or so automatically. The full link still displays, but the 'characters remaining' tally only goes down by 23 characters.
  • Shows what I know!!
  • Well blow me down!
  • What you link to is more important that how you do it.
  • No idea about technical stuff!
    Self evident by now, surely...?
    Charming way to talk to people who are responding to your queries, Lydia.
  • I think Lydia thought that TN was referring to her (Lydia) and was responding also referring to herself.
  • Absolutely, Heather. I do feel sometimes that certain members are waiting for faux pas, on my behalf, to happen juat to delight in picking up on them. The only time i get rude is usually towards ill-mannered people who seem to be singling me out for 'special treatment'. Perhaps my face doesn't fit accurately....?
  • Just a misunderstanding Lydia, nothing more.
  • Clearly there has been a misunderstanding - but you need to stop assuming anyone here is having a snipe at you, Lydia. No one on this forum is so small minded that they would take delight in undermining other members!

  • There does seem to be a number of times certain members have jumped in quick in an accusatory fashion towards me. If i could just ask for a bit of restraint then maybe i wouldn't prove too sensitive..
  • Lydia 1960, the members of this forum are tolerant, helpful, and supportive, they do not back-bite or bitch- especially at other writers.

    Everyone has bad spells, but the publishing world is tough, and you have to grow a thick skin.

    Plans and ideas are great, but you need to send work out into the world and accept there will be rejections as well as acceptances.

    Basically, don't start running before you can walk.
  • Just been on a blog about race relations, where a woman journalist wrote exceptionally well on how mainstream perceptions are always difficult to confront as most people have been imbibed into that way of thinking.

    I praised her article and said that i wanted to do similat things to her, offering up counter perspectives, but acknowledged that i wasn't educated or middle-class like Alice Walker for instance, but hoped that at my own level i could dramatise themes that could help to slowly dismantle this unequal world we are all supposed to take a share in. The theory.

    As Pauline Black of The Selecter put it:- 'louder', inplying that creativity and its promotion via social media sites can speak volumes and speak up for those without a voice. This brilliant journalist wished me well in my endeavours.

    And i think i have already explained i have several writings almost ready for launching. Just holed up in hospital, unable to do a thing here. Alas. Always issues, isn't there...
  • Must be so frustrating for you, Lydia! Hope you recover soon.
  • Everything comes to an end sooner or later and new life generates then. Can't wait..
  • What's an apprasail?
  • An assessment of your writing by an expert in that field. To give you insight into what you have written to allow you to make corrections or improvements...
  • Typo: 'appraisal'
  • Should have pointed that out. Trying to be positive, feedback, but you're right. Should have been mentioned...
  • No need to worry about typos on Talkback. Unless they're amusing ones, of course!
  • Yep, wasn't criticising. Just explaining Goldstick's comment (I think!).
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