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Who's in September 2016's Writing Magazines?



  • Well done Kado.
  • Congratulations to all Tbrs in this month's issue.
  • Congrats Sally and others. I can't read of your achievement because once again a subscriber seems to be shuffled to the rear of the distribution line. I guess that if we're getting a discount, that serves as ample reason to be lax with the 'customer service'.
    Rant over!!
  • You might have a little surprise when you get your copy. ;)
  • Oh, kado. Missed you! Congratulations!

    So, Baggy, that's not you, is it? You are merely drawing our attention to the existence of another Baggott who struts the pages of WM flaunting fewer letters.
  • You might have a little surprise when you get your copy. ;)
    Thanks Claudia. That's not fair. Now I might go and BUY a copy as well as wait for my LATE subscription!!

  • Eek! I'd wait if I were you. :-SS
  • Yes, very memorable.
  • Just had a glance at my mum's copy and I was shortlisted in the 750 word comp!
  • Well done, Heather... I was wondering when you'd see it. :)
  • I missed your name! Sorry. Congrats.
  • Congratulations, Heather.
  • Well done that lady.
  • I know! Been waiting and waiting and waiting...

    Congratulations, heather!!
  • Well done, Heather!
  • Had another look and found more TBers - possibly the best month ever...?

    Pity about Mandy Baggott... :O
    And here was me finking they'd simply misspelt 'Helen'

    Crikey, Dan and Sally and Kado and Montholon, well done!
    Specially Dan'n'Sally, can't wait to hear all about the party. And now I know what people look like!
    P'raps I'd better join the 'Must Try Harder' club - it would even help to ENTER some of these competitions
  • Well done all :)

    Got my copy on Thursday and have finally had a quick look through.
  • Congratulations on the shortlisting, Heather!
  • Yeah, congrats to all.

    I'm sorta thinking I'll receive the October copy before my now well-overdue Sept. copy.

    Ah well, I guess we can coin a new term for inclusion in our vocabulary: postal block.
  • You should contact WM or Webbo and ask about your copy, Pet because if it's lost they'll send you another. This happened recently to someone else - Carol was it?
  • Yes, I waited a week and rang up, got a replacement two days later.
  • Sorry, Heather, missed your shortlisting, dinna be offended -
    Well done (can you flog it to someone now?)
  • It's a bit short for most places, but I am still trying!
  • Well done, Heather!
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