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website hosting

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Finally got enough of my book finished and enough shorter bits done that I have enough work I am happy with to get online. I need a website to try to build an audience and also to sell my books (if I self publish via amazon etc) and also to promote my work to possible publishers/agents etc as I would love to be published in book form one day. Can anyone recommend the best website hosts to use?
Would probably be happy with Wordpress - I do work in IT and am fine with tinkering with sites if necessary but don't particularly want to do much of this as it detracts from writing time (I have to sit in front of a computer all day when at work) Would be nice if there is somewhere that provides hosting primarily for writers as I guess that the publishing world would be looking at it already - so that means less time needed for trying to get visitors, and more time for writing again.
Have seen one site like this called the 'writers residence' but it looks very out of date.
Any suggestions would be very welcomed.


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    Hi Robert
    I can highly recommend http://novel-websites.co.uk/ (Phil) who build sites around the WordPress package. It will cost, but given that one can pay £100 for a DIY package and mess round for hours trying to get it right, sometimes it's best to just bite the bullet. If you look at mine, you will see the variety of material, or pages, that can be generated.


    This is defiantly a service that is geared purposely for writers. If you have a theme, Phil will build it. PS I am not on commission, but I truly believe in good referrals where appropriate!!
  • Wordpress, pay for a domain, can make a site like the above in about thirty mins :) Free short of the £8ish a year for your .com name.
  • Ok, so I lashed out a bit. I am blonde!!
  • Nowt wrong with it if that's what you wanna do! :) Just giving options.

    Different strokes.
  • Not sure I'd be happy with your person, Paige, they've spelled your name wrong on one of the tabs, have left out punctuation and the links don't work.
  • Ah! finally got the links to work.
  • Whoa!

    Thanks Liz. I thought I'd had a fairly good look over it too, so I must accept some of the rap. I'm heading there right now. Thanks for the tip-off!!
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