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Individual tweets.

edited October 2016 in Writing
Just speculating if it is worth putting out individual tweets on the topic of my book and my characters in there. To create additional dialogue between all the characters to illustrate their personalities, agendas and flaws to try to lure people into feeling some intrigue in them and my story.

Is it likely to be picked up on the twitter accounts as individual tweets? Or is there a different way to do this, to expose my story online to garner interest? Via my other social media sites too? Need some advice on this as to whether it is viable and worth trying, spending precious time on this...?


  • Tweets about someone's book about characters only the author has any interest in are THE most boring thing ever. And they are only 140 letters long, not enough to say anything at all. Don't bother.

    What might help draw interest next April would be a series of blogs with a story revealed blog by blog - NOT your book, but something else. Finish your book firs and you could advertise your book at the end of each blog post if people have enjoyed the snippets. Don't expect a rush.

    This would be for the April Blog Challenge where you sign up and during the course of April, every day except Sunday, you post a blog starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. A-Z. April is the exact length. It requires planning. Getting your book written would be the best planning for this.

  • I like the sound of this. Is there any more information on this challenge anywhere on this forum or elsewhere? I'd like to get as much information on this as possible. Is this a way of promoting my pen name, if not my books? Not quite sure how this works so need some more details on this..
  • Wow. That really is a high standard that I couldn't possibly compete with, not possessing the knowledge or experience of visiting such exotic places. That's why I flagged up my working class roots that I have so far been unable to shake off. My life is that restricted and there is simply too much to play catch up on at this late age. So I have to consolidate my efforts in directions that would prove most rewarding for my efforts of self promotion. I can see that this challenge would simply be too much for me...
  • You can post about anything, hell you could ask a question each day if you wanted! All these posts here over the past few days...that's enough to post for the challenge, plus you might get some answers or suggestions from further afield.
  • Lydia, the whole point is that you find something you can write about. Once you have a topic you'll fly through it. I used Rome for that year's challenge because I happened to be writing something else about it and all the info was already on my computer. I recycled it into a different format.
  • Here is the link to last year's list of people who did the challenge. Scroll down to the list - on it you will find blogs of all sorts, and certainly blogs where people post a piece of writing every day, sometimes one story that caries on.


  • That looks quite interesting and as it has a section on music that would really appeal to me. Is there a word count specified? Did read that you are encouraged to read other's blogs, which should be inspirational.

    Just wondering how this promotes your writing or links you up with other similar minded writers, which is what I need to do, I can see. Someone suggested finding authors you like reading then sending them a message or two to see if I can engaepge them in a dialogue? Worth trying, methinks...
  • Up to you how you promote it, Lydia. Some people doing the challenge will read it, if they like it they might pass it on to others. Best way is to do each post then provide a link on FB, Twitter, etc. That relies on having a regularly used account for those, but it usually does the trick :)
  • Okay. Maybe I should investigate this more. My writing should have been well completed before then so I will have more time with less pressure on me then. Does it take up a lot of time, or do you just write one blog post a day, read up to five others blogs and post them on your media sites?
  • One a day is the target (taking Sundays off), up to you if you do them day to day or try to writer a few one day to post later. Shouldn't take that much time...no more than we spend on here every day anyway :)
  • Yes, it takes time, and if you don't post each day the blog will be removed from the list - but you can schedule posts, do them in advance and schedule them to go out each day, if you do at least 15 like this it gives you more time - you need time to visit other blogs like yours to comment so they will visit yours. The more you visit the more visits and comments you will get.
  • There's plenty of time to consider all this and prepare for it all if its happening in April. Forewarned is forearmed...
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