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Ghost writer?



  • Okay. Fine. I can take abuse. Some can't. Just tested out a theory as it helps to clarify things in my mind. This has certainly done so, and now I am clearer as to which direction to go on this matter. Thanks for your little help here...
  • I'll go for a pleasant smelling one, then. Thanks for clarifying this..
  • Would changing my pen name, logo, now before my book is launched and I have established a following, be okay?
    To answer this question. Yes.

    Because it is before your book is launched or even exists. Readers don't care about writers' names unless there's something of theirs to read.

    JK Rowling wasn't even JK until her publishers asked her to use initials instead of Joanne.

    And readers are less fickle and bothered about authors' names than you might think. Titles and blurbs and the writing grab them. The name comes after the book to most.

    It's OK to think about things like this but the fact is, it will all come to naught with the writing. These questions are good questions, but are for much later on.

    Write. Get feedback. Write some more. Then work out what you want to do (agent? self-publish?). THEN focus on your name, or your market etc.

    Write for you first. The story you want to read. This is all that matters at this stage.

  • Thanks for this advice. It chimes well with me. You are right. I need to concentrate on getting the book completed, assessed, and reread until it is perfect. All questions additional to this, are extras to be considered along the way. Completing the book should take priority. Marvellous advice... thanks again for that..
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    Goodnight and god bless
  • Amen. And au revoir for now. Now for some beautiful dreams. Sweet smelling rose..
  • Morning, everyone. Hope you're all well and happy today?

    Just a comment to boredrobots. I apologise for my tetchiness yesterday. My questions may sound obvious, but I am a bit on the 'ingenue' side, so am still learning and experimenting with ideas, and so much want to get things right.

    Please excuse my ignorance and may I plea for a little sensitivity to my needs. You have all supplied me with invaluable advise, to which, as you pointed out, I usually 'come round towards'.

    I just need to test out some theories so I can get a better perspective from people who have a proven record in this field. So, please, allow me my innocent ponderings as I seek to emulate your efforts to gain some kudos for myself...
  • I said it and b-r said it: stop overthinking the peripherals and concentrate solely on the writing. Can't see anything abusive about that.

    It can take years to write a novel; it will certainly take a lot longer than you intend if you spend all your time waffling and dithering about things that don't matter without the book there to back it all up. It's like trying to fit the roof before you've even built the foundations, let alone the walls.

    Have you sent the 9k words off yet? Until you do, you have not even ordered the right building blocks to start the foundations.

  • Absolutely spot on, Mrs Bear. Enough wandering away from the main text. Get straight down to business and see where it takes me then.

    Getting those words sent next week, when I get assistance with my computer. So once that has been updated, the themes, and how they are 'coming across', then I will be on much firmer ground to make decisions, one way or another. Everything else, right now, is incidental to that... thanks for putting this into a context for me.
  • Look forward to reading all about your submission and feedback, Lydia.

    Good luck!
  • Mr Robots. Do you mind if I use that great name as a pseudonym? Promise I'll change 'Fecky' to Becky!!
  • Thanks, Tiny Nell. I'll give a précis here when I get the feedback..
  • Precis is good.
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