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Amazon's A New Night Before Christmas Writing Competition - closes this month

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In case anyone didn't see the posts about this from Writing Magazine...



  • Cheers, Carol, some other time I'll have a look - but not likely to do it. Are you up for it?
  • No, I'm up to my eyes in other stuff so no time.

    Great opportunity though.
  • Still time to enter.
  • It's a brilliant opportunity. I'm definitely going to try.
  • I think it's unpublished writers only?
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    There's a link to the full terms and conditions and it doesn't mention only unpublished writers in the eligibility section.

    This line "Entrants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Competition and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such entrant’s participation in this Competition. "

    But that won't apply to many writers in the UK.
  • Ah yes, you're right.

  • But that won't apply to many writers in the UK.
    Actually it could. Some companies don't allow their staff to write for anyone else and/or claim copyright of anything their staff create.
  • I hadn't thought of those, PM.

  • I'm having a go!
  • Good luck. :)
  • I might have a go, or at least a think, but what age group is meant by 'family friendly'?
  • Children upward I suppose.
  • Good luck, Lizy and Nef.
  • So, can we have a go, do you think?
  • Yes, of course TN. You'll probably be an ideal writer for this.
  • Done already? Flipping heck! I've been working all afternoon and have only done first draft. It is 700 words, so that's a start :)
  • I started it yesterday before I read the posts today and thought there may be a problem. Sometimes, stories just roll off the fingers!!
  • They do. at times.
    Mine is extracted from a story I wrote for my grandsons several years ago. The original is nearly 6000 words, so this is vastly different, but coming up with an original idea with such a close deadline was a no-no for me. I'm not as prolific as you :)
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    Good luck with your stories, Nefertari, Lizy, and TN, and PM:)
  • Good luck, everyone.
    Wouldn't it be great if a TBer won?!
  • It would be fantastic!
  • Absolutely.
  • Keeping my fingers crossed for a Talkback winner.
  • Oh, is it sent in the body of the email or as a Worddoc? I can't see about that in the rules or just not seeing it!
  • Can't see anything specified, just that it must be in one email, so the info you need to send with it and the story.

    I'm sure I saw someone else mention the document formats, and they were the standard types.
  • Done mine this morning, after reading it to OH and Mum and sending it to #1 daughter in IReland for proof reading. I can do no more!

    I copied and pasted mine into the body of the email, failing any other instructions, putting the personal details they asked for first, including a sentence saying what inspired my story, which was the most difficult part!
  • Good luck all! Exciting!
  • Not wanting to be left out. Amazon will be awash with us.
  • Good luck everyone!
  • Good luck, and if they don't select any of you it's their loss and you've got a story out of it to use elsewhere next year. :)
  • Not wanting to be left out. Amazon will be awash with us.
    Great - that ups the chances of TB winning!

  • Go, Team TB!
  • Looks like we've got an anthology here.
  • I've done two. Which shall I send? - the 'normal' story which is fine but unlikely to stand out, or the one that's more quirky?
  • Quirky! They're looking for something that stands out.
  • Ooh - rooting for all you entrants! ;))
  • edited November 2016
    Quirky - they say if there's a tie they'll judge on originality.

    I did a typo there - now edited - and spelt the long word with an F instead of a G :)
  • Thanks. I think you're right.
  • Go for quirky definitely.
  • Is this that poem about everything being so quiet you couldn't hear a mouse?
  • Not a creature was stirring not even a....
  • Is there any way to keep your original formatting when pasting into the body of an email? Those long line lengths look a mess to me. Or has anyone sent as an attachment?
  • Is this that poem about everything being so quiet you couldn't hear a mouse?
    Umm no. It involves Santa's hairy bum.
  • Twas the night before Christmas when sll through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mousé ...
  • I emailed and asked and they said send as an attachment, Ana
  • Has anyone had an acknowledgement?
  • no i haven't
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