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I've had quite a few people asking me to look at their work, so I've launched my own critique service for children's manuscripts, including cover letter and synopsis. Details here:
Any feedback on prices, services, wording etc most welcome!


  • Might be a good idea to update this - will soon be followed by The Snowflake Mistake (September) and Letter to Pluto (October)
  • Quite an impressive CV you have, Lou. Congratulations on long-earned success!
  • Great idea, Lou

    Good luck with it
  • Oops well spotted PM!
  • Yes, good luck with this new venture, Lou!
  • It's VERY easily done, Lou. Or not done. You know what I mean.
  • Now updated. Scarily it told me I had initially created that 'About Me' page 7 years ago!
  • Lou - you also need to update the blurb which says: My debut picture book Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip will be published in January 2016...

    Good luck with your latest venture!
  • Rates seem very fair. Make sure it covers the time you put in. Good luck.
  • Just had my first customer asking for two picture books to be critiqued. Really enjoyed doing it, although I think I may have to revise my rates slightly in the new year as it took me a bit longer than I expected!
  • How exciting - congrats on getting a customer so quickly!
  • Just had my first customer . . . I think I may have to revise my rates slightly . . .
    Perhaps to be expected. Fine-tuning a new venture is always difficult. Congrats on the beginning of a client base. Remember to factor in that you will become quicker as you go along, and you'll probably (or already have) set up a 'response template' to simplify the reply process.

  • Yes you're right, PET. Learned a lot doing that first one and I have the format now.
  • Hey Lou

    A review for your book has been published in my local mag called 'Grapevine'

    It gets distributed to 12,000 homes and businesses in the area

    Just thoughtI wd let you know

    Its not my review but written by mrsaverageevaluates.wordpress.com
  • Ooh nice thanks! Is that for The Snowflake Mistake?
  • Yes it is
  • Well my critique service has got off to a flying start. I did 15 last month!
  • Wowee! That's brilliant.

    Well done, you, for being proactive and getting great results.
  • I'm really really enjoying doing it!
  • That really is great for a first-up business. And now the tentacles start to spread, you'll soon be 'snowflaked' under.
  • Good one. *Squirts ink*
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