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Writers' Workshop

edited December 2016 in Writing
Are these 'Meet a real agent' workshops worth the £195?
This is the price of the latest one to hit my inbox and I've often wondered if I should splash out.


  • Seems a lot to me.
    Writers' conferences like Winchester often have one-to-ones with agents as part of the ticket price, which would cost less than that and you'd get other stuff to go to as well.
  • Who sent it, Lizy? Does it specify what you get for your money, or who the agent will be?
  • What does one get for one's money?
  • It's actually called Writers Workshop i think. Too tired to ckeck tonight.
  • I've been to Winchester a few times and that's definitely worth the money.
  • How long is the workshop for? How many weeks?
  • One day, in London, and the price includes sandwiches. Must be a bargain!
  • Ooh sandwidges are included? That'sit then.

    Where doI sign up for this marvellous opportunity?
  • If it's in London and you're not, there will probably also be a hefty travel fee. I'd take that into account when deciding if it's worth it.
  • Precisely.
    I think I shall have to block their emails.
  • You can unsubscribe usually.
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