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Recent reading matter

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I haven't had much time for normal "sit down and read" reading. But lately I've been enjoying a few stories that I didn't expect I would; among them are actually reading the text of Romeo and Juliet (one of my least favorite plays from the Bard), a non-fiction book I bought in Bristol about the Samurai, and a while back the novelization of Ico. The latter is much better than I have come to expect from novelizations.

So, what's been drawing you recently?


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    Well, here I am after satirising Lara's earlier post and now I have to humbly admit that I had to Google 'Ico'. Another lesson learnt: don't mouth off too much!

    I'm tied up with an old Stanley Kauffman novel: The Philanderer. Change of pace after reading Girl on the Train.
  • I googled Ico, and I'm no wiser.
  • Have a look on Amazon.
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    Yeah, top Japanese author. The Japanese Yen must be travelling well; Amazon has the E BOOK at six quid-plus!!
  • I'm reading The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leanda de Lisle. It's Tudor history (non fiction).
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