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Creating another Facebook profile. Possible?

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Just speculating. Want to create a new Facebook profile to start again with new personal followers and making contact with others.

Is it possible to create another Facebook profile using a different name? Or is it possible to use my Facebook page to contact possible new followers who are not yet connected to my page..? Is there a way this?


  • You can only have one personal page, but you can create another category page that will be accessed via your personal account.

    Any posts on these pages are open to public view.

    Quite a few writers have author pages that are separate from their personal pages and are kept for their writing and book related items only.
  • Some people do set up more than one, but as Carol says it's against the rules. If Facebook find out and delete your page, as is quite likely, you'll lose any followers you've attracted so it's almost certainly better to stick to the rules.
  • Can you use your Facebook business page to directly link up with potential followers who aren't yet connected to your page?
  • Yes, I have a personal page and a business page. The business page has followers who are not friends or family.
  • Facebook make it difficult to get exposure for your page unless you pay to promote it, but there's nothing to stop you making people aware the page is there on your other social media profiles, and some may then like your page.

    But you need something to make them read your page when they get there.
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    I see. There has to be something that jumps out and grabs them', almost like a display of words conveyed in a visual sense, to lure people to my sites? Well, I have a degree of imagination, so I can experiment to encourage them to do precisely this..?

    Should I use create Adwords from google to assist, or do SEOs provide the same outcome? In which case, would something like keywords.io be useful and just how would you use it effectively..?

  • Nothing will grab anyone because you have nothing to advertise until you've written the book/screenplay/whatever. This is just another way of skirting the issue.

    What's the point of a 'Look at me, I'm a writer' fb page if you never produce the writing it's supposed to be selling? What followers will you have? If they come there expecting you to promote your work, they will rapidly go away again when there's no work to promote.

  • Seems like I've followed Mrs B from another thread. I'm of the same opinion. I think too many novices (and I consider myself in that group) see Facebook. LinkedIn, et al, as the springboard to fame. Not so. Many of those pages smack of the old Amway: 'Have I got a business proposition for you!!'

    I believe in the necessity to promote our 'product(s)' but not as the prime emphasis of our social media exposure. Join the sites, communicate, interact, but very rarely (my opinion) will someone read a Facebook post with a view to buying a product therefrom. (Sure, it happens, but it is generally an impulse purchase).

    I think Lydia's energies would be better spent PRODUCING THE PRODUCT, and then promoting it through local bookshops, cafes, library signings; maybe a stand at a local market, and many other ways of 'softly' promoting our wares. We have to look at demographics: where is my best opportunity of reaching my audience. Lydia does have an awareness of this by recognising that 'Adwords' and 'SEO' will capture the correct demographic. BUT, capturing the correct demographic to a site that as Mrs B. so correctly says has NOTHING, is merely a wasted exercise and waste of money.

    I do not write this so much for Lydia's benefit, because most on this forum have expressed the sentiment: Get the writing done! I write this for general viewers and readers who follow these threads for the express purpose of gathering information to pave the way to their own writing career.

    So again, the best information is: Get the writing done!
  • I do wish my life wasn't absolutely choc-a-bloc with chronic stress. Life would be so much easier then, but alas, I'm not as fortune as some seem to think I am... and I have mentioned before that my health prevents me from travelling, so things like book signings etc are not for me. Such is my life..
  • You don't have any books to be signed.
  • As i've just pointed out. That is totally immaterial. Books written or not. Having a severe reaction to a drug I have been diagnosed, making creativity etc an extreme struggle right now..
  • If you concentrated on your writing for a while it might take your mind off feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Absolutely spot on, SM. And as I have been thinking up ways to create more intrigue in this tale I shall get on with developing those themes within the main one. Spur me on, do...!
  • As always, Mrs Bear speaks great sense.

    Your presence on social media is like a stall with an array of enticing wares set out. In the physical world, this might equate to a market stall. Think how disappointing it would be for a customer to wander over only to see a few scraps of paper on the table scrawled with promises, and asking them to make the effort to come back on another occasion to see what's there.

    You need to collect together everything you have that's 'good', ie, up to scratch, and see how it can benefit you by posting it. Don't release anything which is sub-standard.

    Ultimately, you want snippets to lead to sales of your book, so the book has to be ready and available.
  • Perhaps I should put some effort into writing some short stories, 1/ 2 pages in length so as not to take up too much time in doing that? And put them up on my sites? Is there anywhere I go to send them for grammar etc correction as most services do not analyse stories of such length?
  • There is a host of editorial services advertised in Writing Magazine and on this site, or an internet search will reveal many. This is another question asked in previous posts when discussing your novel/script.

    And also, we all remember your posts conferring accolades on your 'fiverr expert' for Facebook and other social media representations. What happened to her?
  • Every story feedback I have seen tends to be for longer pieces of work. Still, I will trawl the internet to see if I can find any suitable services..
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