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Samsung tablet memory

edited December 2016 in Writing
I have had my samsung Tab4 for aout 3 years. It's only got 8gig capacity and keeps telling me it's full. I have deleted lots of stuff and almost all photos, to no avail.
I am also getting constant ads for apps to clean out junk files. Can i trust any of them?
Alternatively, can i buy it a bigger memorý?


  • Google it, Lizy. It seems some models will take a larger memory card, but you need to sort out why the memory is full first. Unused apps, for instance.

    Was there a helpline website in the instructions that came with it? Was there an online manual? Should be the first port of call.

    The 8gig memory isn't all usable: a chunk of it is already occupied by manufacturer-installed things like hardware and operating system functions that can't be removed. Of that 8gig, you only get somewhat less than 4 gig to play with.
    http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2255502 - this site explains it in words even I can understand.

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