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WM Subscriber Only Competitions

edited December 2016 in Writing
Don't know whether anyone can help with this. How long do you have to have been subscribing before you can enter subscriber only competitions? Do you have to wait for your first issue to arrive before you're officially a 'subscriber'?


  • I'd assume you're a subscriber the moment your payment for the subscription is taken.

  • That's what I would think, but just checking.
  • Looking at the rules:

    'Subscriber-only Competitions are open only to subscribers of Writing Magazine. Entry is free but you can only submit one entry per competition.'

    It doesn't say you have to have received the magazine, just be a subscriber.
  • Agree with Carol. It would be tough to institute a 'qualifying period' to be acknowledged as a 'subscriber'. Once the money's paid, you qualify!
  • Belatedly chipping in, yes, Carol is correct. You are a subscriber for our purposes as soon as you sign up and we'd allow you into any competition that launched before your subscription expired.
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