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Many types of paper writings

edited January 2017 in Writing
It's difficult to differentiate the types as easy and difficult form of writing for academic, dissertation, thesis and business. Experts can help.


  • I hope there's an expert available to help me figure this out? WTF comes to mind.
  • Guess so. Might be paperwritten off, soon!
  • I agree, it is difficult. Think I'll leave all those forms of writing to the experts and stick to the stuff I enjoy writing.
  • Many online writing services are there to help https://paperwritten.com can be considered.
  • Many paper good with pens are help to offer bees in my hedge.
  • Many online writing services are there to help https://paperwritten.com can be considered.
    Ah - so it is spam!
  • Unusual for a spammer to omit the link in their opening shot. Must be a learner.
  • I'm sinking instead of deleting this because I'm enjoying your comments, but the thread won't refresh to the top of the page.
  • No! Don't delete it. I think I might seek a 'paperwritten' draft for a new murder/mystery!!
    The only risk I will face is that 15,000 other people might have the same paper!!
  • Not a learner: sneaky. He snuck past our spam guard-dogs by throwing sausages into the field next door to divert them, and pretending to be innocent.
    The truth will out, paperwritten laddie - you mark my words.
  • Reads like a cryptic clue for a crossword.
  • Not sausages. Cryptic words. We can't resist them. The whiff of paper and ink. And the prospect of helping someone with their English so they can differentiate between the difficult forms of writers.

    Perhaps we should start a website to send all these people to?
  • Yes great idea.

    Send them to a website called Cliff Edge.
    Suggest they wait there for a second and one
    of our pals, called Shove, will be behind them immediately.

    That'll learn 'em.
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