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Tumblr and SSLs?

edited March 2017 in - Website Problems
Checking over my tumblr site read that my current custom domain name is not able to use SSLs. Checked this, and it seems to be referring to the security of my site which would be exposed to threats by malicious hackers and snipers when checking webmail via a coffee shop etc.

This sounds serious, so can anyone advise on how to protect my site from this possibility?


  • Lydia, if you are using Wordpress it has SSLs itself. You don't need to do anything. If your site was unsafe in that regard when someone else visited it a warning would be displayed - rather like the warning displayed here when the certificate was out of date. Don't worry about it.
  • I was referring to tumblr which specified that on my dashboard. That there were no SSLs to support the blog. What do I do then...?
  • Where is your blog and domain name hosted? Email them and ask for an explanation.
  • Okay. Good point. I'll do that...
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