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Who's in June 2017's Writing Magazines?



  • Just wait for July's! =((
  • They tweeted that once it's sent, it's out of their hands, and could the bank holiday be to blame?
    I will watch the post box with interest tomorrow.
    PET, that's just teasing.
  • It arrived today - I sheathe my Bear claws until another day.
  • I've never had a tweet trigger any response from them. Even when they tweeted about asking their judges questions – complete with hashtag – they didn't reply to anyone's question.

    'Ask our judges about how they choose the winning stories'.

    Of course, they didn't say they'd reply…
  • I've had replies - there is someone alive out there :)
  • We're always out here, and always aim to reply. Sorry if you haven't had a response. Sometimes we do get a bit swamped, especially over weekends and holidays.
    The judges' questions was actually supposed to be used somewhere else. I'll chase that up.
  • They're always watching...eep!
  • I could point out that on weekends and holidays people aren't there, but I won't.
    I'm just glad that I've got my mag, which I have released from its plastic prison and it is now enchambre-ing nicely. (Suggested spellings for that word from the computer: Bresenham-ing, whatever that is, and enchaining. I swear this machine has a life all of its own that I know nothing about.)
    Bresenham - a line-drawing algorithm. You learn something totally useless every day, don't you?
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