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Review requests on goodreads

edited June 2017 in Writing
I offered 2 copies of my book on goodreads in exchange for reviews. Someone has requested mobi or pdf. Their profile is set to private. They haven't posted any other reviews, just five ratings. Would you send them a copy?


  • As there's no cost to you, why not?
  • It struck me as odd that someone who doesn't appear to write reviews wanted to review. I just wondered if there are people who get hold of your files to share on piracy sites.
  • Yes - i would be careful, that is a very astute thought... i'e often wondered how they got hold of copies!
  • I would be dubious.

    I know people have private accounts for various reasons, but I would ask questions first- who have they reviewed? Then look up that person.
  • He said, I accept mobi, pdf and epub, as though he's used to requesting and receiving files, but no reviews done. He also said I'm not on KN. Is that kindle nook? I think I'll ask him where he reviews. If he's offended so be it.
  • If he doesn't actually review books there seems no advantage, and some risk, in ending him a copy of yours.
  • If there are no reviews posted then NO. I use a review service for audio books and they give good guidelines on checking things like that to make sure you are not just giving them away to people who won't do anything with them.
  • Good to know that, Mutley. I had an instinct something wasn't right. Most readers who contact me have felt warm and human. The tone of this message was more like instructions for leaving a ransom.
  • Did you have to drive to an anonymous telephone box to phone in the instructions?
  • More like look out of the window, see the black Peugeot, be a good girl, send the mobi now.
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