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One another, each other

edited October 2017 in Writing
I know that when you use 'one another' there are more than two people involved, and 'each other' refers to two people, but I want to use this sentence:

We all know one another and pop over to each other’s houses at Christmas.

Do you think that's correct? You can only pop to one house at a time, so does 'each other's' work here?


  • I think it should be others' - as there are multiple others?
  • Agree with PM.

    And this is why I love the English language as only us Brits can 'pop' over to someone's house.
  • Yes. Agree it is each others' as 'one another' is plural.
  • Ah, yes.
    Each others' is the correct in terms of the possessive apostrophe.

    What I meant was should I use 'one anothers' twice in the sentence?
    (I know that needs an apostrophe, but omitted it because I have also used inverted commas and might cause confusion)
  • OTT.
    Exactly why I'm reluctant to use it.

  • Does, 'We are all friends and pop over. . .' work for you?
  • Yes, that's more succinct. Thanks, Paige.

    Still deliberating over where to pop to...
  • We are a group of good friends who drop into each others' homes at Christmas. ??
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