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We don't get many folk on here asking stuff anymore, it's all gone a bit quiet. So I thought I'd maybe start it up again. I fell out with my agent - amicably I suppose - so I'm unrepresented again which actually feels quite nice - freedom!! My question is should I try and get another one or carry on without one - it means I won't get a deal with the big publishers but that probly wouldn't have happened anyway. What's everyone's experience on here like?


  • Perhaps the agent was the wrong one for you.

  • Was that the agent who negotiated the two deals?
  • We don't get many folk on here asking stuff anymore, it's all gone a bit quiet.
    It has, hasn't it? I click in to see what's happening and often just click out again in disappointment. We need revitalising - but I don't know how!

    p.s. can't offer any comment on your question as I'm not an author... yet.
  • Hi baggy

    No the deals I did myself she tried with 1 manuscript but failed to sell it then kind of lost interest. We weren't a very good fit probably and it didn't feel like I got a lot of support. So back to the drawing board.
  • After I finished my first novel, I tried to get an agent, because at the time eveveryone seemed to be saying that's what you had to do and I just went along with it. I didn't have any luck. Maybe if I had, I'd now be advising you to try again, but I'm currently happy without one.

    If the one you had did nothing for you, being without one feels nice, you're able to negotiate your own deals and aren't expecting/wanting to sign with a big publisher, I'm not sure what an agent could really do for you.
  • Weekends are always quiet.

    I'd say the type of writing questions have changed; it's not so much about the how to write, it's more the connected stuff.

    There's the thread for blog updates- writing that's been done.

    On the first page there are 6 posts that are asking questions on writing related topics, and a few more connected to writing.
  • Which is right?
    ...everyone within earshot raised their own drink.
    ...everyone within earshot raised their own drinks.
  • First one unless they have more than one drink each.
  • Thanks Heather. I had one of Those Moments when you doubt your own mind.
    Having realised there were women as well as men in the pub I had to change 'his drink' to 'their drink' or to 'his and her drink' and I got confused.
  • I would leave our the word 'own'. It's a pleonasm. I.e. Everyone within earshot raised their drink.
  • *dashes off to look up new word*

  • I still don't have an agent. Occasionally I try to get one but don't have any joy. I have a good relationship with my publisher and belong to the Society of Authors so have that to back me up re contracts etc. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone cheering me on but then I'd have to give them a part of my very small earnings so maybe it's better this way!
  • I don't have a publisher either, Lou - only myself!
    I think it would be nice to have someone arranging one for me, then perhaps I'd earn more than a few quid.
  • It's more about the book than the agent. A great agent won't get a mediocre book published, but a great book can find a deal one way or the other. First write a great book, then worry about getting a deal.
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