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GDPR (eeek!)

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I have just added a privacy policy to my websites.

Does anyone know if blogs need them too? (I'm guessing yes!)

If so, does anyone know of a suitable template for Wordpress?


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    Haven't a clue. I don't send out newsletters or email anyone with 'news'. I use Facebook as a blog. We, as Dorset Writers Network, had to jump through some painful hoops (not me, our webby person did).

  • What did you say, Nell? Do we have to? no-one has told me I have to, and surely Wordpress would have mentioned it if we do?
  • Do you have subscribers to your blog, Liz? If so, you need to have taken action.
  • On Blogger I'd assume they'll update the notice that that they put up on the blog when you visit.

    Wordpress has a plugin for those who have a website- the paid type. The free version can't add plug-ins, so I'm not sure what they're doing about the notice. I'm going to check the settings.
  • TN, just logged in to my Serena Lake Wordpress site and there was a message at the top of the screen to enable something I'm about to read through...
  • I read that everyone who has a website needs one in place. I will see if I can find the information that alerted me...
  • TN it says the page cannot be displayed at the moment.
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    Blogger has done a new notice that appears at the top of the screen when you visit a blogger blog.

    On my free Wordpress site it now puts an additional message under the comments form and their standard cookie policy message on the front page.
  • Basically, it says that, without question, if you have a website you need a privacy policy.
    The person who wrote the post seems to have done a lot of research about it.
  • Hmm, well just fitted the cookie policy to both my sites.

    But can't see anything on the contact page... maybe because I rejected their form and made my own. Hmmm.

    So, I've done a simple thingy in the menu on my roundabout site, and on Liz Brownlee Poet, and on Peter's new site I just made him.
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