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Chapter Summary

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Do I write one first for each chapter of my novel?


  • If it helps you with the direction of each chapter - but it's not necessary.
  • You may not know exactly what goes somewhere, but can always put something happens scene with x and x (x= insert name).

    Don't think you must do it. You'll find your working method as you go. But if it helps that's fine- and you can change them, nothing is fixed. :)
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    At the moment it is helping me focus all the ideas I seemed to throw onto the page yesterday. But it does seem like it is a slow process and some of the details are a bit hazy. For example, I know that I want something to happen to my main character’s brother and his partner, but since I’m waiting back on a research contact, I’m not sure what to do in certain areas.
  • Remember that you can revisit any part of any chapter at any time and add or change details. You start with a skeleton and gradually flesh it out, clothe it and animate it. Make notes as you think of ideas.
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    Thanks, TN. My issue is that when I start back at work next week I will struggle to find time to write due to the demands of teaching. I worry that this idea I have will end up not being something I have a desire to write in the future (just like my last novel I had been writing for 10 years and abandoned a few years ago because the story didn’t interest me any more). I know it will take me a while to write it. I want to try to do a bit each day but sometimes with every good intention to write, I am shattered and can’t string a sentence together and the intention ends up being thrown out of the window.
  • As a former teacher, I completely understand, but there's no rush. If you leave it for long periods, it doesn't matter. In fact, it can feel fresh each time you return to it and re-read it.
  • I read something by someone who had little time to write and she said she always left it in the middle of a sentence, int he middle of an idea she had already worked out. That way it was easy to finish off the paragraph and even make it better than it would have been and it sort of got her into the writing again and could carry on.
  • Thanks TN and Liz. I will keep working on it and try the techniques you have both mentioned above.
  • Just an update: the planning of the chapters seems to be going well.
  • Hi dog lover - I work full time in a very demanding job plus have 2 young daughters so my free time is limited. What I find works for me is when I get ideas I immediately write them down whether that be at 3am or in the middle of a business meeting. People think I'm being diligent making notes of what's being said by the MD or whatever, when I'm actually writing out an idea about my heroines mother turning up at a party in a leather mini dress! Why this works for me is that I'm then dying to get a spare 30 mins to flesh it all out in detail - keeps the incentive to write going all the time. Thought it might help.
  • Thanks, datco. I was driving to my dance lesson earlier today and had an idea so noted it on my phone. The same thing happened on the way to my mother’s house. Good advice.
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