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Great offer!

edited June 2018 in Writing
At £1.13, the paperback price of PEACE AND DISQUIET is currently LOWER than the kindle edition!

A collection of twelve slightly disturbing tales which encompass mortality, mentality, brutality - and reality.
Sleep tight…

Here's the link:

(P.S. They are more psychological than scary. Honestly!)


  • Yikes! Just read the first story.
  • The price is only lower if you don't calculate the postage costs. £5.13 altogether! :(
  • The price is only lower if you don't calculate the postage costs. £5.13 altogether! :(
    Oh no! I didn't see that. What a con!

  • That's the Amazon delivery cost direct to Ireland, TN.
    I could do it via the UK with the UK delivery cost of £2.99 but then I would have to pay a further €3.75 at the post office at this end.
  • It would be £2.99 for me. :(
  • Sorry about that, folks!

    As you were...
  • It would be better if I used Prime. I don't buy enough books to warrant the sub.
  • Yes, we use Prime. You get Amazon films on your own TV with it, plus very quick delivery of goods, sometimes the same day you've ordered.
  • It's great for those that need it. I think families and couples benefit the most from it because it covers so many products and services. Mum's pond liner was sent FOC and she had it the next day. I'm waiting for a research book to arrive which is secondhand and wouldn't qualify.
  • Sorry about that, folks!

    As you were...
    Ah, TN - I feel bad now for highlighting the postage costs. It's still a good deal and cheaper than you'd normally pay for a paperback in a bookshop.
  • And better writing than most!
  • Just bought it. If I don't sleep tonight I shall blame TN!
  • Aww, Lizy. Hope you enjoy it.

    I don't do horror, but there may be a ghost or two somewhere in there, plus a few strange people - but you're used to those...
  • Helen Laycock is a good writer. Not sure if I have this one
  • Shucks! :\">
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