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THE One-Word-Challenge

edited June 2018 in Writing
Do not wish to win this by default. Why the lack of interest. Anything is just a quick mental exercise for half an hour.
Perhaps everyone thinks they cannot top my meagre efforts. (Computer spelling meager?)
Would be a shame for it to die out altogether. Come on folk, few more days left


  • I'm afraid we've been struggling to keep the Challenge going for a long time, Pongo.
    We've tried different strategies, and it always comes down to people not entering. I do try most months and I will try to write something this time!

    p.s. I hope others read this thread and decide to give it a go, otherwise we really might have to finally admit defeat - or decide to give it a break for a year or two.
  • I was intending to this month, but the emergency admission and surgery of my right-hand woman has added to my work load, and I'm too hot to concentrate.
  • Anything is just a quick mental exercise for half an hour.

    And I've just proved you right by writing a story for the challenge in no time flat! :)
  • A loose thread might work with the words which people can write about when they have time. Have looked at the last three words and started but then things claim my time which mean money or which I HAVE to do and i'm just so much busier writing-wise now - 3 books on the go and two blogs for a start. We've all been round here for a long time and at the beginning we were probably all newbies or newer to writing and in those days it was huge fun
  • Computers seem always to spell American even when you tell them you write proper English. Meagre is correct.

    I haven't written anything this month because I'm a judge - one who is surplus to requirements, it seems!
  • You never know Lizy, there's 3 days to go.
  • I've had a go this month after a long absence. Hoping it kick-starts the writing muscle which seems to have seized up in the heat.
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