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Anyone with experience of copywriting?

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Don't know if this is a bit off-topic or not, so apologies if it is. I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience of copywriting (either past or current), as it's something I'm considering. There was an article in last autumn's Mslexia saying it's a good supplementary job for writers. I think I have realistic expectations - I certainly wouldn't expect to get a staff job, I know I wouldn't be getting "glamorous" commissions, and I don't expect it to make me rich! I'd feel more confident doing a course first as I don't know much about business, but there are a lot out there and it's hard to distinguish between them. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.


  • It's not remotely 'glam' but it does top up the income.
    Best to have a look at some freelancing websites, building up the reputation is hard work, and there are plenty of people looking to try and con you out of your works/time/work You do need a business approach to it, and you certainly can't be too picky about what you take on!
  • Thanks for the reply, SilverLinings. Topping up the income is kind of what I'm seeking to do. And I'm prepared to take what I can get and not be picky! Your advice is appreciated.
  • Think of it as a long haul up a mountain (like novel writing!) as oppose to a quick fix and you'll get there :D
  • When I worked in a research and technology organisation, I decided to try writing abstracts for our information centre for a while. I had to read a pile of technical or marketing related articles, produce a short abstract of the content and highlight key words. My problem was that I was taking way too much time over it. The others doing this type of work churned them out, but as the editor of our inhouse magazine, I kept revising mine so they would be perfect, so the payment definitely wasn't worth the time I spent on them and I gave it up. Don't think I'd be as picky nowadays though! :)
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