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Have you heard? Start Your Story is making its way to Leeds and Bath

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Come along to Writing Magazine's one-day workshop that is aimed to help you get started on your next novel. You'll spend the day feeling inspired with fellow writers and gain expert advice from our speakers with fun creative activities.

The full-day sessions take place on Saturday 20th October in Bath at the Old Theatre Royal, and Leeds at Leeds City Museum. Your ticket includes lunch, refreshments and a surprise goody bag!

Subscribers get £10 off the ticket price.

Read all of the details here: https://www.writers-online.co.uk/store/reader-offers/


  • Spam. Oh.

    Its, Webbo, its - not it's.

  • Its, Webbo, its - not it's.
    Oops! :\">

    *suspects that Webbo delegated someone else to write this post*
  • *covers eyes and sings National Anthem*
  • *covers eyes and sings Bohemian Rhapsody*
  • *covers knight with a thousand eyes with my favourite blankie and sings Carpenters song about a thousand eyes which can't help but see in the night*

    I will be delivering a course that day, Webbo, so I offer u my apologies for non attendance
  • edited July 2018
    *wonders if Webbo's bag will contain Tim, Grahame, or Bill*
  • Graeme. I know because i have his autograph, when they were filming in dorchester when I was about 14.
  • He told you then that he'd be in Webbo's bag? That's some booking.
  • I think Bill's the diddiest, hence the best fit... unless he decides to bring birds.
  • Or his binoculars.
  • You could probably fit in the goody bag, Nell, what with your size and the being good an all.
  • I shall offer myself up forthwith, but I will need to bring shoes (several pairs).
  • Well, it's too late to edit it now, unless Webbo can unleash his special powers.
  • Typical spammer. Posts the bait and then abandons it and us.
  • I know! He doesn't even post here any more. It's probably why spammers are allowed to get away with it, you know, what with splinters and planks and eyes etc.
  • It's me here now, with special powers and everything. I do (usually) keep an eye out but you all behave so nicely these days *eyes Dora* that I very rarely need to intervene.

    And it's Graeme*. I find Bill disappointingly humourless and Tim too eager to please. Graeme is an actual proper doctor and everything, and still dry and funny.

    *Subject to contract negotiations

  • I do (usually) keep an eye out

    *eyes Dora*

    Careful now, Webbo. We can't have that single organ of the visual system, which you have situated in your forehead, working overtime now, can we.

  • Lol.

    Clearly We need to stir up some discontent and arguments to get our fun with Webbo back.

    *Tries to think up some insults*
  • Where is the Bad Boys thread when you need it?
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