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Good news

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Today was a very good day, I have just signed a 2 book contract with Harper Collins Impulse to write Rom-Coms and a 2 book contract with Crowwood Books to write Crime Thrillers - now that doesn't happen every day!! Totally made up!!

Makes up for being marooned in a service station just off the M6 waiting for the RAC to fix my car!


  • Congratulations, datco2014. How are you aiming to celebrate or will it be straight down to the writing with amount to fulfil?
  • Wow wow wow! Congratulations!

    Your line "Totally made up" gave me pause - but I think (hope) you meant "made up" as in thrilled. :)
  • Congratulations! You're the second author today who's told me they have a multiple-book deal (different publisher).

    I love your writing in both genres. Crack on!
  • Many congratulations! That's wonderful news.
  • Congratulations!
  • edited July 2018
    Wow, datco, well done!

    'Made up' is a phrase I understand after fifteen years of drinking in a Tenerife bar with a bunch of Scousers!
  • Excellent news! Well done Mr Versatile!
  • Congratulations datco.
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations - it doesn't get much more exciting than that.
  • edited July 2018
    *cracks open the Tizer and sprays everyone*

    *followed by the firing of a lone party popper*

    Hurray for datco.
  • Wonderful news datco. Congratulations.
  • Oh, that IS good news. In fact, it's marvellous news. Huge congratulations, Datco!!!
  • Well done, datco!
  • Thanks - sorry about the made up bit I was surrounded by scousers all morning I'm originally from Glasgow now living in gentrified edinburgh!
  • Don't apologise for using a colloquialism - they add colour to the language!
  • edited August 2018
    Thanks - sorry about the made up bit ...
    *stares in awe at datco having 'got the London look'*

  • That was a good day indeed! Congratulations!
  • Datco, this is just so wonderful - I replied form my phone when on holiday but it can't have sent. It's FABULOUS news, you must be so happy!
  • Thanks Liz,

    Pretty amazing - especially after I nearly packed it all in earlier in the year when I split with my agent. She didn't like what I was doing, i think 'crude', was the word she used to describe my latest effort. "Charming, funny and fresh" says the commissioning editor at HCI so I'll take that.
  • It just goes to show how subjective writing is, datco. Well done for hanging in there!
  • Are you with a new agent now, datco?
  • Hi Lou,

    Nope doing it all solo!

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