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The end is nigh!

edited August 2018 in Writing
Just doing some research about the end of the world, as you do from time to time as a writer and here's a few interesting "facts".

22% of Americans believe the end of the world will happen in their lifetime. Most of them are probably from Detroit.

3% of the uk population believe the end of the world will be caused by a zombie apocalypse. They're probably from Glasgow.

2% of Americans believe that the second coming of Christ took place in 2017 and the current baby Jesus is living in Turkey being cared for by a secret order of nuns. The rapture, according to them is due to take place in 2034. Blondie will be a very old lady indeed by then.

The global challenges organizational (yep they're real but based in sweden) have a list of the most likely to the least likely ways the world will end, they've spent millions on it but refuse to share the information outside government circles in case it causes panic. So that's helpful.

The US think tank Disaster Prep (overseen and funded by some radical right wing politicians) have a virus like Ebola ( but worse) as the biggest risk, followed by nuclear war and asteroid strike near the top. Interestingly they have Zombies near the middle below computers taking over but above another ice age.

Anyway, not much I can do about it I think, based on the commuter train I spent 2 hours on today the Zombies are already here!


  • F$**&^% idiots not to realise that the end of the world (for us) is in progress and progressed by THEM.
  • It certainly is in progress, Liz. This planet can only support so much life, and provide a given amount of sustenance, and with subsistence comes war. The fittest survives.
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