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Fond Parent/Grandparent thread



  • Awww. I wonder if it's done by now?
  • I couldn't!
  • A long-awaited outing with her friend.

  • Quite the young lady!
  • Crikey she's growing quickly!
  • Betsie said:
    Just letting you know our third great-grandson arrived four weeks ago.  He is called Freddie.
    This is the first comment to come up since I last opened this thread. 

    Belated congratulations, Betsie. 
  • I've not seen that comment! Congratulations, Betsie. 
  • I wonder why, Liz?

    It was posted in 2018.  That was the last time I popped in this thread. Only popped in today because it was a top of the list. 

    See you again in 2022 *waves*

  • Why? Is Betsie expecting again?
  • Ah, well i guess that makes sense of why i couldn't recall seeing it! 
  • Debs has just emailed me a copy of Millie's first ever school report, which is all excellent. Of course.

    What amazes me even more is that it is FIVE pages long!! I can't be the only one who remembers school reports on one sheet of paper, with a sentence from each subject teacher - and that was in Senior School.
  • Millie has discovered the joy of writing, sand Sunday's subject was their mini holiday, an overnight stay at Chesintn. Where they will ride on. Jungl bus, Toom Blarster, Se dragn, Gruflo rid and Vamp Rid.
    In the zoo will be muncees, hechogs,, eemus, fmingos and torts.
    Goien on holiday!
  • That's so lovely, Lizy.
  • I love that spelling of muncees!
  • Wonderful, Lizy, and all perfectly clear and logical.
  • Such confidence is lovely!
  • I loved Chessington as a child. 
  • I took my lot there when they were kids, and one group of boys for a birthday treat - keeping track of them all was a nightmare!
  • Millie to Debs. "Mummy, I'm glad I'm bigger now because I can love you bigger than when I was a baby."
  • What a lovely thing for her mum to hear. :)
  • Debs was in bits.
  • Millie's decorated bedroom in their new house - she is obsessed with sloths!

  • That's wonderful!
  • It's a stick on thing.
  • Very clever. 
  • My grandson has just bought a car!! Life races by at such a pace 🙂
  • Wow! That's a wonderful achievement. 
  • Sorry - should have reduced the size of the photo! 
    The car is not new - it belonged to my next-door neighbour Doreen, who literally is a little old lady who rarely drove it. When she told me she was getting rid of it as at 81 she's decided the bus is a better choice, I asked if Dylan could look at it. It's 15 years old, a Ford Ka with very low mileage, and she let him have it for £400. He is thrilled - picked it up yesterday, his dad drove it home, and Dylan spent all day polishing it to a shine! Now all he has to do is pass his test :)
  • Lucky boy. That sounds like a great deal!
  • I didn't dare look up the list price!

  • Aww, isn't that lovely!
  • I don't remember any of mine writing me love letters - did yours?
  • I remember writing them to my mum when I was little. She was my everything as there were just the two of us.

    My younger daughter wrote them, too, but I don't think my elder daughter did.
  • edited December 2020
    Perhaps that is part of it -. Millie and Deb's just have each other, whereas mine were part of a gang! 
  • I believe it is. I was always so afraid of losing her as a child. Everyone else had two parents and siblings.
  • That's sad in a way, though unavoidable in many cases. Mind you, the youngest of my four was very clingy, so perhaps it's simply the nature of the individual child.
  • My granddaughter has invented a word for what Santa does.
    Santatising. 😁
  • Millie had a sore throat on Christmas Day, was definitely off-colour and droopy, so Debs sent off for a Covid test just in case.
    I phoned them this morning. Millie so full of beans I could hear her bouncing off the walls. 
    "Nanny - I had a Covid test yesterday and it was HORRIBLE!"
    So I don't think we need to worry :)
  • Millie, coming downstairs after a toilet visit.
    "I didn't need a poo after all - sometimes my bottom can't make a decision."
  • :) We all know how that feels. 
  •  :D 
    I just love her way with words!
  • My Mothers' Day card from Millie - she and Debs had been having a genealogy chat!

  • That is adorable! 
  • Isn't it just! And I am managing not to comment on her spelling - they let them write phonetically at school. I am just hoping they learn to spell properly soon :)
  • How wonderful! I am sure you keep all these little notes. Somewhere, somewhere, are the little letters I wrote when I was a tiddler. I used to write them all the time and my mum would keep them in her box of 'treasures'.
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