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While Awaiting the Train

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A noticeboard containing information for travellers read:
'You must wait in the correct position before the train arrives, otherwise you may not be allowed to board.' My Granddad, a station master would have known what that meant. I'll ask the clerk.


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    *drags yoga mat onto platform*

    I reckon it's this one, Patricia

    *sits cross legged on mat, pushes palms together, closes eyes, hums*
  • What did the clerk say? **waits poised*
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    The clerk said, "Public transport will soon be unfashionable. You have to practice transcending, normality, and changing your location with will power. Understand!"
  • No I don't understand either.
  • There is a little box on platform 12 at edinburgh waverley intriguingly labeled "TRTS CONTROL BOX". It always makes me smile in the morning.
  • There was a notice in a local shop window saying "new shoe mending service". When I asked "do you mend old ones too?" I didn't get a reply, nor a flicker of a smile.
  • No sense of humour with some people, Betsie.
  • Had to laugh the other day. Somebody phoned early. In response to my number a man's voice said,
    "I wonder if you can help me?" I had doubts, somehow. "I want Dr. Watson," he continued. "The only one I know of is a friend of Sherlock Holmes," I replied. He, spluttering indignation rang off, thank heaven.
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