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I was painting the bathroom when the postman knocked, so OH took the parcel and I waited till I wasn't paint-splattered before I opened it. What a good thing I did, as I couldn't have finished the paint job with tears in my eyes. A superbly generous Waterstones voucher-card, a lovely handbag-sized notebook, and CHOCOLATE!!

Thank you, in the order your names appear on the card, Baggy, dora, seaview, C2, Carol, Liz, ana, Wilts, Heather, smaug, Mutley, Claudia, Tiny Nell and Phots Moll.

You are all wonderful - friends I have never seen but who are closer than many people I see every day - but you have presented me with a dilemma. Two, in fact. Deciding which chocolate to open first, and wondering which section of Waterstones to start at.

Thank you, darlings, and I love you all. *flings arms wide and dances around the room*


  • A pleasure Lizy. Enjoy. xx
  • Well, that brought tears to MY eyes, Lizy. I'm so pleased to be part of a group of people we consider to be friends. Enjoy your gifts and crack on with that decorating!
  • Yay! So happy you like it, so happy to be part of our little group of TBness, so happy that you are happy! Tears here, too.
  • So happy you like it Lizy.

    Enjoy your gifts.x
  • Aww, bless you, lovely Lizy.
    There's a lotta love on this wonderful forum. xxx
  • Ah, typing this is making me emotional. This confirms what I've known for years: talkback is a wonderful community of virtual friends. I've had books and magazines posted to me by members, out of sheer generosity and friendship so it was lovely to have the opportunity to 'pay it forward'.
    Enjoy the gifts, Lizy.
  • Yay Lizy luv u right back xx
  • Hurray! Love you tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Have said it elsewhere, but happy reading, writing and chocolatising cos you've worked your socks off for the last few weeks and you're a top person x
  • Aw shucks! *blushes furiously*
  • Did I miss something??? 8-|
  • Do you ever look in your top blue bar for 'inbox' SM?
  • *returns*

    There's stuff in there from May last year, would you believe? :O
  • Yes. I would believe. :-w
  • Lizy, enjoy, and take care :)
  • Only seeing this now myself - so glad you had a nice surprise, Liz! x
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