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Dear TB friends...

edited October 2018 in Writing
I have just spent ages fiddling with the gubbins of one of my websites. (I was trying to make it possible to leave comments on the blog bit... to no avail).

Anyway, instead, I added social icons which appear at the bottom of each page and link to FB, Twitter, Google and Pinterest.

However, I'm not sure the Google link is the correct one because clicking on it takes 'whoever' to a page which I think they may be able to edit! Or is it just because it's me trying out the link that I get taken there? :-B

Would someone mind clicking on that Google icon and let me know if, in fact, they are taken to a page where they are able to edit my details?! That's not meant to happen...

Here's the website link: https://helenlaycock.wixsite.com/fiction-in-a-flash

Thank you in advance,
She Who Lacks Any Understanding of Simple Technology


  • TN, I clicked on your link and then clicked on the Google+ icon. Your Google page wouldn't let me do any editing.
  • It goes to your Google+ content, TN.

  • Thank goodness. I thought it was a 'Dear John' letter and you were about to divorce us.
  • Oh, thank you, my loverlies! My computer is always out to trick me.

    Divorce you, Liz? Never!
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