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We are going down for a critical update to Talkback - this will upgrade the forum software to the latest version and should improve the visitor experience.
It should begin sometime after 10am and take an hour or two so if you can't access Talkback at any time, please try again later.
If there are any problems with the upgrade, we'll simply roll back to the existing system


  • As you can see the system is back. As you might not be able to see, the update hasn't happened yet. The size of the database migration seems to have got in the way, so we'll have another go tomorrow.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Interestingly a comment I made is not there any more, it was definitely there before the attempt! (not the discussion, know why that's gone, a comment on the JK Rowling thread).
  • My comment on here has also gone - made just after Webbo created the thread.
  • Sorry - we've restored from a snapshot of just before taking it offline, but your comments must have been after (or during!) the snapshot. I'm afraid we can't recover those.
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    I thought Brexit was supposed to solve the migration problem?

    Is there nothing one can depend on?

    I blame the parents.
  • All this hooha and i missed it!
  • All this hooha and i missed it!
    They're repeating it tomorrow so you have the opportunity this time. :D
  • Oh goody!
  • Oh! We're back! :smile:
  • So we are - a clean new look to the page when I opened it just now for the first time today. Hope it all went smoothly, Webbo?
  • Yes, all a bit different isn't it?! We are currently without plugins, which is why we're back to basic text formatting, for example, but the plan is to reinstate necessary ones in turn once we're happy the forum itself is okay.
  • edited October 2018
    We seem to have lost emojis and the 'mark all as read' option - as well as the like and thank you etc buttons - or is that just me?
  • The writing is very small for my eyes, but maybe that will change once it's back with its formatting...
  • Where have the like, thanks etc. gone?
  • It's rather...white.
  • The font size hasn't changed, Liz. It might be the background that is giving you that feeling. :wink: I can still wink.
  • Can we please have 'Hello there' instead of 'Howdy stranger'? We are mostly English on here, after all.
  • We've had howdy in the past, on an earlier version.
  • Where is that? I don't have either.
  • the font on the comments hasn't changed, but the background and formatting has got a lot smaller. 
  • Oh! We have new stuff!

  • edited October 2018

    We Do!

  • we can write crap and cross it out at the same time
  • which is good as i do not see an edit facility

  • There is, SM, you just need to look for it.
  • Not working on my phone - just getting a 'something has gone wrong' message.

  • Ah it's above the text box we write in. :)
  • Is it? I can insert a file or image, use bold or italics or whatever Headings do, but i cant see edit or what sm did.  Is that because i am on my tablet? 
  • edited October 2018
    If you hover over your message a little circle appears on the right hand side which is where edit is. The strike out formatting is the third one in, in the formatting buttons above the text input box.
  • I do not have the sort of stomach that facilitates hovering. I am eternally earthbound.
  • Anchored, you mean. 
  • Stuck in the mud, methinks. How exciting all this is. I'm waiting for the colours to come back. that was good. *sighs happy sigh* also being able to post pics without having to on my website will be brilliant. although the files look as if they have to be pretty small.
  • What does url do?
  • edited October 2018

    You click on it, add the address and wait…
  • The site loads SO much quicker for me, and changing pages, too. 
  • I am here to begin the slow process of reinstating things. Hopefully. And issuing slaps on the wrist for troublesome links.
  • The old version was very old software. Hopefully this will be quicker Liz.
    Wonder if it's time for a new avatar. 
  • If you can make it work on my android phone I can forgive most other things (eventually)
  • What about it doesn't work Heather? Are you on a desktop to use it now?!

  • Oh...  >:)

    I am here to begin the slow process of reinstating things. Hopefully. And issuing slaps on the wrist for troublesome links.

  • Looks as though some of the old plugins are not going to carry over - I've just managed to break it already. Baby steps from here on - please be patient.
  • There's supposed to already be a "like" feature but it's not visible for me. Can anyone else see it?
  • You guys are ahead of me.
    BB did you quote me manually? 
    I wanted to like but I can't find it.
  • edited October 2018
    I copied the text, right click, then selected the quote option and copied the text in. 
  • Hmm, same here. It *should* be automatic
  • Such is life. 
  • Found those animated emojis though, in the comment box
  • When I click on one it doesn't appear here. 
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