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Can't access forum on mobile

Before it was updated, I could access the forum on my mobile.  Now it says that there is an error and that "Something has gone wrong."  Anyone know why?  


  • It's been like that ever since they updated the forum. We've told Webbo, but no joy as yet.
  • edited December 2018
    I think it's been done on purpose.  I think Writing Magazine find keeping Talkback running a bit of a chore.  And an expense they can do without.  There are not so many outlets to distribute the magazine now.  Tesco no longer stock it or any other writing mags.

    If the amount of people being able to access Talkback reduces the need for it to exist also reduces.

    Bit like banks disappearing from the high street. 

    I can only access on my computer at home. 

  • I haven't been able to access it on my laptop, it wouldn't accept my username or my password so have had to change it. 
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